• OK, I'm blatantly pimping my own diary over at DK, but Palin is already corrupt. Whether her conduct was illegal abuse of power or not, it is clearly unethical.

    Senator Clinton's supporters should be the most upset about the current Palin spin and lack of real reporting.

    CBS was the traditional media outlet which first began broadcasting Bosnia clips.

    CBS already has the video footage from KTVA, their Alaskan affiliate of Palin trying to tap-dance her way out of what clearly seems to be total abuse of her power as governor, but CBS hasn't yet aired it nationally.

    Husband Todd even admits on-camera that he interfered with the state police, but tries to spin it away by calling it just "information."

    We should ALL be screaming
  • Until Tom Delay can prove otherwise, I am convinced he practices his polygamy with teenagers he picks up from internet chat rooms.

    Isn't that how most repugnant ones do it?

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    In more than 40 years in this business, I have never before seen a candidate NOT face his or her supporters and acknowledge they worked hard, did their best, but did not win.  Never.

    I've lived through the joy of winning, but more often the tears of defeat.  Shouting, screaming, denial, anger.  Yes it is all there, but I've never before seen it other than behind closed doors.

    Once the candidate walks out the door to face the supporters on election night, the candidate and the staff all have the smiles painted on while they all cry inside.

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    The statement above is at the root of the problem, and the result of disreputable spin.

    No, as a presumed leader of the Democratic Party, Hillary is responsible to the Democratic Party.

    The party, through its rules, has selected a presumptive nominee.

    Even George W. Shrub figured that one out and got his statement right today.

    The Rockies beat the Dodgers 2-1 last night in Los Angeles.  Since it was a close game, the final score will not count until the Dodgers and all the fans who attended the game have time to heal their grief.  We all know the Dodgers, of course, are responsible to fans in LA and nobody else.

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    from their former candidate.

    Message has been an embarrassment for Clinton from Day One.  She has burned through at least half a dozen of them.

    Yesterday's conflicting confirms, denials, retractions and more from her key employees reminded me of where they were on February 6th.

    I really do feel sorry for her supporters who were looking for and expected leadership.

  • Only seems fair, right?  Represent EVERY voter?

    Let HER night be a shared night like she made his.

    I'm sorry to disrupt party unity, but the egotism simply has to stop.

    Has anyone else read the shrub's congratulation message?  The first classy move I've ever seen out of him.  Quite a contrast.

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    will end anywhere between the final buzzer and whenever the losing team concedes.  Therefore no bets will be paid until that happens.

  • I believe "Held Hostage" is the best term to describe the following behavior, if in fact it is true:

    "The advisers said Clinton has made a strategic decision to not formally end her campaign, giving her leverage to negotiate with Obama on various matters including a possible vice presidential nomination for her."

  • So Hillary will preempt the will of the people, speak before the polls close, and deny her "every vote counts" message to claim that neither candidate has enough votes to win?

    How cleverly convenient.

    Meanwhile, Camp Clinton is once again internally squabbling with their he-said, she-said mixed messages.  Hmmmmm.

    Hasn't this been her problem since back in February when Wolfson and Penn were publicly arguing with each other over who was most responsible for the loss?

    I'm sure we will hear shortly from some expert who has "proof" that all this confusion is some mysterious Obama plot because Bill has assured us that Obama controls AP.

  • "scumbags"

    The newest word now legitimatized for Presidential conversation.

    Seriously, I have never heard the term "vagina voters," so I guess I don't read the same blogs.

    And I never saw the outfit being criticized, but I will stick with the position that any Senator wearing an open suitcoat with just a shell underneath would be criticized.

  • Bosnia was the first.  Four recorded times, and further embellished each time until caught.

    The latest?  "I've won more primaries."  Said with a straight face even.  

    No matter how anyone spins it, Hillary winning 18 state contests does not beat Barack Obama winning 33 state contests.

    Camp Clinton has milked the term "disenfranchise" to the utmost.

    Every time Hillary spins her "I won" argument, she is deliberately, consciously, and maliciously disenfranchising all electors in 14 states - even those who voted for her.

  • No, you didn't hear MSM comments about Senator Obama's penis.  Nor did you hear any comments about Senator Clinton's vagina.  I believe most fourth graders and even a sexist knows those two organs are in the same general area, not in an open collar area.  Deliberate slime.  When they criticize Hillary's vagina, please feel free to criticize Senator Obama's penis.

    I suspect that if Senator Obama (or any other male Senator for that matter) elected to wear a "modest tank under a suit jacket" on the Senate floor, even the 'sexist' traditional media might make mention of it.

    Also, you may recall that there was huge manufactured outrage when someone photographed Senator Obama in what most adults would define as a very modest traditional male swimsuit.

    But then after a foreign tour, someone tipped Drudge with a photo in traditional African garb - that case complaints of him being over-clothed.

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    of defending Clintons and diverting attacks against them.

    So in repayment, BillandHillary continually trashed moveon as a fringe netroots group to their billionaire fundraisers.

    And here we all sit in the netroots today.  Hmmm.

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    and list which states you are excluding in your count.

    I'm assuming your claim includes ZERO votes for Obama in Michigan, since the official Clinton position is no one preferred him there.

    I'm also assume you are counting the non-electoral territories.

    And finally I'm assuming you have DISENFRANCHISED electors in some or all of the3 14 caucus states.

    If you have numbers to substantiate the claim, I'd love to see how you get them.  Otherwise nothing but puffing air.

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    as long as it isn't done from behind the pulpit of Trinity Church.

    Where are the cries of mock outrage to have Hillary "Denounce and Reject" her supporter here?

    And where are the cries of mock outrage to have Hillary also "Denounce and Reject" the spectacle of her "ass" Iclkes swearing to the world on TV?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot.  Neither of them were in Trinity Church.


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