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    Another South Carolinian was rewarded by fellow extremists for "breaking decorum" in the Congress.

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    If you think Spencer Bachus is nuts now, you should have heard the things his intellectual forebears said in his district, say, 40 years ago. At the time they called themselves "Democrats." But they were far more atrocious than Bachus today.

    It's called - being white and Alabamian (with all apologies to the 10% minority of sane people there).

  • I'm well-aware of the "white ethnic racism" that Charles speaks of. But that's not present here. The important factor is not Santelli's Italian heritage or the white ethnic heritage of people on the trading floor. The important factor is this:

    Look at Rick Santelli's bio before coming to CNBC.

    "A veteran trader and financial executive, Santelli has provided live reports on the markets in print and on local and national radio and television. He joined CNBC from the Institutional Financial Futures and Options at Sanwa Futures, L.L.C. There, he was a vice president handling institutional trading and hedge accounts for a variety of futures related products.

    Prior to that, Santelli worked as vice president of Institutional Futures and Options at Rand Financial Services, Inc., served as managing director at the Derivative Products Group of Geldermann, Inc., and was Vice President in charge of Interest Rate Futures and Options at the Chicago Board of Trade for Drexel, Burnham, Lambert. Santelli began his career in 1979 as a trader and order filler at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in a variety of markets including gold, lumber, CD's, T-bills, foreign currencies and livestock."

    He worked for Drexel, Burnham Lambert - the junk bond empire - then he ran derivatives, before running futures and hedge funds.

    You see a pattern here? He IS the "Master of the Universe." And like many hypocrites in his shoes, he likes to pretend that he's been creating wealth for ordinary people when he's really just been getting filthy rich by manipulating financial instruments.

    Don't make this more complicated than it really is. He is extremely rich and he worries that "big government" might take some of his "hard earned" money away.

  • That's not the lesson from Japan at all. Japan ignored the problems for too long and the deflationary spiral set in.

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    I thought one of the components to an economic definition of "depression" was a fall of annualized GDP by more than 10%. Is that true?

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    If the Israeli government is Netanyahu-Lieberman, Obama should just cut off military aid to Israel. A right-far right government is as toxic to peace as is a Palestinian vote for Hamas. Seriously, Avigdor Lieberman is no less atrocious than Hamas. And, yes, I'm Jewish and I consider myself a supporter of Israel.

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    Does the Budget Act apply to the conference report?  Does the Conference Report need 60 votes? If it doesn't, we don't they just shelve all the cuts and go with the bigger package. They can't filibuster a conference report, I'm quite sure.

    Anybody know about this?

  • How did Chambliss, Isakson, Sessions!, Corker, Graham and Alexander vote for Holder?

    I'm not all that surprised about the TN Senators who are more conservative on economic issues than social stuff. But Sessions?!? And Chambliss?!?

  • Seriously. He's my grandmother's second cousin and his mother and my great grandmother were close back in Bayonne, NJ. His sister is Ann Lewis, by the way.

  • ...sadly with the Tennessee Republican Party.

    I was checking a really cool bat cave in the Smokies today and I think I saw the diarist sulking in there. Didn't know they had an internet feed though...

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    CT-04 may be the wealthiest Congressional district in America. Is it surprising that voters there would be leery of major government spending, only to be repaid by tax increases in the future?  Remember, these were the folks that launched the Reagan Revolution in the first place. Not the crackers or the Jesus freaks. It was the rich suburbs that gave rise to the tax revolt and the push for small government.

    It's likely that many of those voters, who abandoned the GOP because of incompetence and the religious right's takeover of the party, still harbor skepticism about massive government spending programs.

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    Why has this botched abortion of a person not been banned?

  • All this talk about the 2010 AZ Governor's race (and Senate race) misses the point; the election will turn on the performance of the Obama government more than anything else.

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    The reservations seem to be gone by now and they're just going through Bill's finances.

  • Lots of folks losing sight of the prize here. Lieberman is locked in now as a Democrat. He owes his life to Obama. If we can win the recount in Minnesota we sit at 59 and have a real shot at Georgia.

    But even without those two, we can pick up the two Senators from Maine and Specter on most issues to break a filibuster.


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