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    I agree with Matt 100%, how dare people accuse Robert Menendez of corruption! Don't they know he isnt white? (racists!)

    It's the same thing they did against the supposedly corrupt Sharpe James, and instead the white liberals supported their favorite son Corey Booker (the white candidate). What racism!

    Now you have these racist white liberals at MyDD.com trying to smear William Jefferson & lead a coup against him. I guess he's just too black for them , and would instead like their own white folks ringer candidate to do their bidding. (racists!)

    It's not that I disagree with you Matt (although you can give your huffy puffy "anyone accusing a non-melanin deficient human being of corruption or impropriety is de facto racism), but give the self righteous race baiting a rest. Or at least, you know, let us hear it from someone who may actually know something about racism (like Jill Tubman) and not wealthy, prep school, Ivy League white males yourself, who don't.  

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    Yeah, his approval ratings may be bad, but keep in mind this is Massachusetts; where Dems hold all state wide offices, 35 of 40 state Senate Seats, and like a 120 seat advantage in the state House. There's hardly a Republican left to seriously challenge Mass. Democratic hegemony.

    New Jersey I'm worried about. It seems to be a more purplish state than one would think.

    Also worried about Louisiana, I'm afraid the demographic changes+Katrina are going to put Dem Senators from Louisiana out to the same pasture where Dem Senators from the rest of the South go.

    Why is Gordon Smith so popular? And can anybody beat him?

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    Wow. Colorado, Texas & New Hampshire have a wide open field. No idea Gordon Smith was that popular in Oregon though.

    What's up with Frank Lauternberg & John Kerry.

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    Kay Bailey Hutchison's race isn't really one to go by, due to the fact that she's incredibly popular in the state, and despite the fact she's a wingnut, all she has to do is flash her weak, pruny smile, and all the semi-moderate texas women will be right in line to goose step her back to D.C.  Radnofsky was a good candidate, I'm sure the guy running against Trent Lott was a good candidate too, but it takes more than that.

    That being said, I'm really skeptical of Texas being in play yet. This state hasn't elected a Democrat to a statewide office since 1994. And even if Cornyn is an empty suit, he still trounced a very popular mayor from Dallas.

    I say, let Laura Miller challenge John Cornyn. If she loses, then I would advise all decent people to the left of atilla the hun to cede Texas to the savages. We'll deal with them. We're used to it.

    New Hampshire is very vulnerable. Sununu is basically a lite libertarian, not a moderate like Snowe & Collins. Hit him hard, expose them for what they are. Heck, hit Collins hard too.

    Oregon. Gordon Smith? Tell me Earl Blumenauer wouldn't have this guy eating his dust if he chose to run?

    If we play this smart, we could achieve a hegemony  not seen since the days of the New Deal.

  • Actually in visiting Arcuri's webpage and viewing his ads, I was struck by how essentially conservative they were. The focus on tax cuts for the middle class, how hard it was to get by after " Washington & Albany take their cut" and how tax cuts are neccessary to "keep more money in your pocket", to help with gas prices and make health care "a little more affordable" He came across more like an Upstate Republican than a Democrat.

    But I'm sure on the whole he'll be one of the good guys.

  • Is this really a big deal? He's making an allusion to a Dr. Seuss character relevant to "the season" if you will.

    Besides, since the piece is about Pelosi generously making sure the GOP wingnuts and their aides have money to spend for christmas gifts, it hardly comes across as negative.

    Simmer Down Now.

  • Not sure. I did read somewhere that Carol Shea-Porter and Jerry Mcnerney(sp?) were set to join though.

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    According to reports, the following Democrats are set to join the centrist, House New Democrat Coalition (NDC)

    Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8)
    Michael Arcuri (NY-24)
    Ed Perlmutter (CO-07)
    Joe Courtney (CT-02)
    Ron Klein (FL-22)
    Tim Mahoney (FL-16)
    Joe Sestak (PA-07)
    Heath Shuler (NC-11)
    Bruce Braley (IA-01)
    Chris Carney (PA-10)
    Nick Lampson (TX-22)
    Jason Altmire (PA-04)
    Kirstin Gillibrand (NY-20)
    Baron Hill (IN-09)
    Chris Murphy (CT-5)
    Patrick Murphy (PA-8)

    The Following Democrats are set to join the House Blue Dog Coalition (BDC)

    Tim Mahoney (FL-16)
    Joe Donnelly (IN-02)
    Brad Ellsworth (IN-08)
    Baron Hill (IN-09)
    Heath Shuler (NC-11)
    Kirstin Gillibrand (NY-20)
    Michael Arcuri (NY-24)
    Charlie Wilson (OH-06)
    Patrick Murphy (PA-8)

    6 of the incoming Freshman will be joining both groups. About 20 or so members of Congress are members of both the NDC & the Blue Dogs.

    The House Progressive Caucus is set to add 7-8 of the incoming freshmen to it's ranks.

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    "So much for that "left cliff" Tauscher warns her oh-so-unified caucus against--I think some of her members jumped off it without her approval."

    Considering her record on your chosen legislation was more liberal than all of them, maybe her idea of a "left cliff" may not be what we think, or maybe more aesthetic than actual substance I.E. calling themselves "centrist" when they are really just soft liberals.

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    What is it about her economic views that is of such concern?

  • A little triumphalist, pseudo-marxist and college political pamplet esque for my taste, but otherwise I agree.

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    I hope it's Reyes. Hastings has some issues.

    Actually according to TAPPED, Reyes has some issues too.

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    Yeah, if you don't count the Texas redistricting, we actually gained a seat in 2004.

    Everyone on the Right acted like 2004 (51% to 48%) was a huge referendum on the Democratic Party & vindication of their ideas. No doubt it felt shitty, but 2004 statistically wasn't that bad for us.

    Compare 2004, where Hugh Hewitt was proclaiming "the end of the 1960's" and National Review was calling it "The End of the Left", with the holy asswhooping they recieved on the 7th. Now THAT'S a referendum.

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    What is John Larson like? Is he one of the good guys?

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    According to Citiziens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington, who blasted nancy for endorsing "one of the most corrupt" members of congress. And the center for responsive politics (opensecrets.org) who say that Murtha is one of the biggest recipients of lobbyist cash & the second biggest recipient in the House, next to Tom DeLay, it's clear that even in areas where Hoyer was oily, Murtha is even worse.

    Murtha was the first to tell the truth about Iraq (now conventional wisdom) he's worse on everything else.


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