• I haven't heard much about the FISA thing for awhile.

    I understand skepticism, but Obama proved that he's smart and capbable of running a campaign full of nuance and rope-a-dopes.  I would hesitate to bet against him when he says what his preference is, when he clearly has the power to get it.

  • Maybe it's because the quotes you posted don't say what you say they say?  Ambinder said that Obama still prefers the public option.  How is that abandoning it?

  • I think it's also because he's so mild mannered and Clark Kent-ish most of the time.  Nobody expects him to bust out with the cape and heat vision.

  • Check his history.  It's a sock puppet.  Probably belonging to the same person as Stoic.

  • It's your first comment, congrats!

    While we're on the subject, "cowardice" is a word that I use for hiding behind sock puppets when posting on internet blogs in an attempt to make your completely fabricated position seem stronger.

  • Yeah, I know.  Pipe dream, I guess.

  • Your completely unsubstantiated claims of being a longtime Democrat are equally as convincing as all the people who claimed to supported Obama in the primary but then decided that they had to follow their conscience and vote for McCain because Obama was an unproven celebrity candidate.

    Rahm Emmanuel, not rocking boats?  First of all, the guy is just a chief of staff and has no influence on policy.  Secondly, he's known as a firebrand who will knock over your fruit cart if he doesn't get what he wants.  Finally, would you rather Obama name a chief of staff that is a complete unknown in Washington and doesn't have a rollodex full of lawmakers and how to influence them?

    Your "honest criticism" makes no sense.

  • ...you're urging people to unsubscribe from Organizing For America because you've heard what amounts to rumors that you might not get everything you wanted from the eventual health care bill?

    I don't buy it.  Nobody who really believes in something folds this easily.  If you were ever a part of OFA, I can't imagine that you ever did any useful work, because you must've quit as soon as you hit any snag at all.  Or heard about a snag.  Or thought there might eventually be one.

    I'm not buying what YOU are selling.

  • C'mon, this is chess, not checkers.

  • What world are you living in?  Certainly not a world in which Dan Rather could lose his job over fake memos regarding Bush's Air National Guard service.  Is he still anchoring at CBS in your world?

    I'm not saying that it's definitely not true, but anonymous reporting doesn't make it so.

  • But I'm not going to throw up my hands in defeat after eight months, either.

  • It's not your fault if you extend the olive branch and someone slaps it away.  A good health care bill will bury the Republicans for two or three election cycles at least by itself, because it will inevitably prove popular, and all of the Republicans will have not only voted against it, but refused to honorably participate in creating it, even when Obama gave them the chance.

  • ...you can get anything through the Senate with 50 votes plus the Vice President.  I'm not sure what the specifics on reconciliation rules are, but if Reid has a spine (ha!  I know...), then all we need is 50 for anything.  There will be more hoops to jump through, of course, and Republicans can try to filibuster, making use of the loss of Kennedy (though I think I read somewhere that, if there are only 99 members of the Senate, you only need 59 to break a filibuster... someone should look that one up), but if we actually make the Republicans filibuster the old fashioned way, then chances are it will eventually go through.

  • Is there an alternative to the Public Option that works as well and as efficiently to cut costs and ensure competition?

    I can't think of one, but that doesn't mean that one doesn't exist.  Where you see selling out, I see Obama doubling down, because, objectively, it's the best option outside of Single Payer.

    Not everyone gets Obama's nuance.  He really hasn't failed us yet.

  • Is there any real evidence that there was a deal?  I mean, I know the Finance Blue Dogs were working on something, but I hardly think that Baucus is Obama's mouthpiece on this.

    It's possible that the details are still in flux, and they don't want to elaborate on something that could change as soon as the health care bill gets written into its final form.

    Chill, I say.


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