• You know, like Single Payer. :P

    But seriously.  I'm the guy Steve M was talking about who thinks that Obama is essentially saying, "If you've got a better idea, I'd like to hear it."

    Who knows?  There could be a health care option that none of us ever considered that would make everyone happy.  Not likely, but the world is full of possibilities.

  • I'm going to have to see if I can get into that.

  • Bush used all sorts of tricks, including extending legislative sessions into congress's specified vacation time, to force them to do his bidding.  It was particularly loathesome when he used it to give telecom immunity in the FISA bill.

    I'd rather not see Obama pulling that sort of stunt.

  • I was wondering when Abraham Lincoln worked on health care reform.

  • Sadly, no.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzgVY7lxS lA

  • Things have gotten pretty sketchy around here, I know.

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    The slashfic will be amazing.

  • Let's actually listen to what he has to say before flipping out, shall we?

  • If Obama had been leading on the issue all along, he would be accused of trying to steamroll his agenda through.  While the right wing was going to take offense anyway, by letting congress try to lead first means he can say that he at least tried to get them to do the right thing before pressing his agenda.

    I think it's been all pretty solidly planned so far.

  • Thanks.

  • ...but the Cheney administration is as close as we've gotten in a long, long time to a dictatorship, and I don't see us handing that kind of unquestioned power to an executive again any time soon.

    The executive branch has gained power steadily since the creation of our nation; it's a natural human response to appreciate a strong, singular leader.

    It doesn't help that the legislative branch has been mired in petty squabbles and fake procedural rules designed to stall change.

    You're not wrong, the legislature should be running these debates.  They had their chance.  They blew it.  Someone has to be the adult in the room.  I voted for Obama to be that guy when necessary.

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    People criticize me for saying that Obama's sticking to his plan, but honestly I think he knows what he's been doing.  He asked Congress to get the Health Care debate finished before the recess, if they somehow got over themselves and did it, he would've won with little effort expended.  Worth a shot, right?  Now that that didn't work, he can go to the American people and say, "Listen, I tried to do it their way, they dithered and weaseled and claimed that I was going to kill your grandma.  Let's do this my way, shall we?"

    The lowering polls was a natural artifact of Obama ceding the original part of the debate to Congress (which isn't and has never been popular).  As he takes the reigns personally, his numbers will go up.  People like a strong president.

    Feel free to start calling me a mindless fanboy now.

  • And I can't take you seriously when you use terms like "pwoggie."  It's like when the republicans refer to the "Democrat party."

    So either you want me to take you seriously or you don't.  If you do, you'll use a respectful term for the Progressive movement.  If not, then by all means, act like a jackass.  I'm sure you don't really care.

    And Bin Laden is, and has always been, a snipe hunt.  I don't care about him specifically so much as I care that the Taliban's attitude towards terrorist groups would have remained permissive.  We could have tried and hung Bin Laden from the neck until dead, and he would've become a martyr to the rest of Al Qaida, whom the Taliban was also sheltering. Not a good trade.

    "Obama should pick up the cell phone and give the Taliban a call."

    Oh, I can't wait until my alternate-universe TV set airs the Fox News response to THAT.

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    Why does anyone take this author seriously when he refuses to even respectfully address the Progressive movement that this site at least theoretically supports?

    That poll is pretty stupid.  During any war, ask normal folks if they'd like our fighting boys and girls to come home or not, they'll almost always say "yes."  I don't want us to be at war in Afghanistan, either, but if the alternative is letting the Taliban back into power... the same Taliban that provided aid and comfort to Al Qaida prior to 9/11, then we really ought to finish the job by whatever means will be most effective.  I disagree with any strategy that does not include extensive infrastructure and education building in the country, but not that we still need to be there.

    The true opposition to Afghanistan comes from Republicans who were overjoyed to have two wars going on for their military-industrial lobbyist pals, and who said nothing as Bush the Lesser squandered every opportunity to finish the war and get our people out.  They don't even care now, they just want to create this "Afghanistan is Obama's Vietnam" meme because nothing has stuck to him so far.  Screw them and the elephant they rode in on.


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