• Just let me die in peace!

  • If this were during the campaign, we wouldn't see the full effect of the speech until probably Sunday.

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    Private insurers love the idea of the government low-grading the insurance pool and taking on the sickest people who can't get coverage anywhere else. That means private insurers can make even more money off the remaining healthy, paying customers.

    Total bullshit and not at all what Obama said last night.  The proposed reform would prevent insurance companies from denying service to the sickest patients.  The public option is essentially the competitive price assurance in the national marketplace that they're setting up... designed to be an affordable option for the poorest folks who aren't getting insurance through their employment or elsewhere.

    Seems like the Media Consortium should pay a little more attention to facts rather than mass media bloviating.

  • The other benefit of Wilson's outburst, of course, is that he made an egregious breach of protocol that galvanized the Democrats towards action... in this case, the action being enacting health care reform.

    Wilson might have been able to pull off what a heartfelt posthumus letter from a beloved icon in American politics might not've.

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    That's the tripe that was on Fox opposite the president, right?

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    Case in point: Michelle Bachmann is still a U.S. Representative, despite calling for a return of McCarthyism.

  • Bush did most of the Wall Street bailouts.  Most of the increased defense spending is actually just accurately reporting the war costs instead of burying them.  Obama hasn't extended Bush's tax cuts at all, and there's only vague rumors that he might keep some of them.

    If Obama's plan is really going to increase profits for insurance companies, then I'll be interested to see if all the legislators that are currently bought & paid for by their lobby suddenly change their tune.

    No, I don't think so.  Obama's plan will create more customers for private insurance companies, but will check the out-of-control cost spiral that's been swamping us in recent years.  I'd be willing to bet that insurance company net profits will go down instead of up, because they won't be able to deny 22% of claims and cherry-pick healthy customers anymore.

  • I don't know how the rest of you stay civil around here.

    That's easy.  We largely don't.  Unfortunate but true.

  • I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but nope, you're nuts.  Telling someone that they're a liar when they're lying is different than telling someone that they're a liar when they're telling the truth.  The latter is, well, lying.

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    I hadn't read it yet.  Very moving words from the Senior Senator.

  • I was not aware that big corporations and the media comprised 53% of the electorate.  Interesting.

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    The funny thing about this diary is that Obama, who is supposedly a "centrist" will probably get more of the liberal/progressive agenda enacted than any other president since Lyndon Johnson.

  • Could you please clarify?

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    Aren't these the guys whose full name is Citizens United Not Timid, who had those really offensive T-shirts during the campaign?

    Seems like they shouldn't have much credibility.

  • He's not on our side in this, anyway.

    Regardless, no plan that mandates coverage will go through without some sort of hardship exemption.  So it won't be that devestating... basically they'll be saying that healthy adults who can afford it must have health insurance, because if they don't have insurance, they end up costing all the rest of us when they inevitably need coverage (either emergency or because of a lack of preventative care).


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