• If I were a woman, Rachel would be my TV girlfriend.  As it stands, she's simply the TV personality that I would most like to have a beer and talk politics with.

  • ...but Russ Feingold says that it comes up short on all of his criteria.  If Russ says that, I doubt I want to even bother.

    Baucus says that he thinks that the bill can pass.  From what I'm hearing, I pretty well doubt it, since Republicans are never going to vote for anything that even hints at being reform.  Honestly, if the Republicans were smart, they'd all sign on to this relatively toothless bill immediately and make a big show of being pro reform, in an attempt to head off stronger legislation.  But they're not that smart.

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    If a Republican had dropped a steamer this bad, the Republican blogs would be praising it as the finest legislation known to man and government.

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    From what I've heard, the Baucus bill is pure, unadulterated crap, so I think it's probably good that Snowe isn't supporting it.

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    And frankly about time.

    I griped a lot about Bush keeping Congress in session just to get his FISA farce through with telecom immunity last year (among the other bully tactics he used), but it's different when it's Congress policing itself using this tactic.

    It's long past due for Reid to bring the hammer.  Maybe too late for him, but we'll see.

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    Instant success.

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    Maher is, in fact, a professional malcontent.  Which makes him quite valuable as someone who can tell truth to power.

  • Nobody even suggested that Obama couldn't "take" heckling.  He clearly dealt with the interruption and moved on (and accepted the dude's half-apology later).

    Now, I do love my Jesse Ventura, but his problem was that he didn't demand respect (and a hostile legislature sure wasn't just going to hand it to him), and wasn't able to get much of his agenda (except the light rail, and bless him for it) passed.  If he'd been less of a crankypants and more of a leader in the spirit of what the public wanted when they elected him, then maybe he would've been more successful, and perhaps even ran for another term.

    Public service is honorable at its core.

  • A presidential address to a joint session of Congress is, historically, the president's "turf," if anything is.  The building it's in doesn't matter.

    Anything Wilson had to say he could say after the President was done.  Heck, he'd probably give a more interesting rebuttal than that silly doctor did.

  • I agree that Democrats should stand their ground, but they should do it in the proper forum.  For example, Joe Wilson chose the wrong forum, and it's perfectly legitimate for the House to police its own.

  • Excising a talking point is not the same as acknowledging the vailidity of the outburst.

    It's really frakking sad that so many of us voted for the guy who wanted to change the tone of Washington, then proceeded to validate the us-vs-them bully politics that Bush was so good at.

  • Is it really getting in the way when we ask for people to be polite during a president's speech before a joint session of Congress?


    Obama says that we can disagree without being disagreeable.  I'd rather see that instead of heckling the president... ANY president... as a common phoenominon.

  • I was raised to be boring but practical.

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    The public is also going to have to forget how to use a web browser.

    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&s ource=hp&q=santorum&aq=f&oq= &aqi=g8g-s1g1

    The fact that Rick is even saying that he's thinking about running shows that he is in astounding denial of the fact that he's already been defeated by a sex advice columnist.

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    Let the extreme right crow in their victory over getting language clarified.  We don't intend to give illegals health care anyway, so... what's to lose, really?

    A good bill will be appreciated by the public and will reap rewards regardless of whether a nitpicker had a niggling issue with an open hypothetical.


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