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    It's so satisfying when the system actually works.

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    It's very good for Reid's re-election prospects for this to be his personal victory.

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    Last I checked, it was going into the vote with the cost-controlling public option.  

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    Funny, it sure seems like democratic presidents have been failing at this for the last few, well, forevers.

    History tells us that, if we succeed this time, this is unusual. Unique, even. What's different now than previously?  Well, a strong majority in both houses and Obama.

    Obama doesn't deserve all the credit, of course, but suggesting that he's not doing all he can when you don't even know the extent of what he's doing now is foolish.  

    Unless you have some sort of access to the behind-closed-doors meetings that always happen in Washington, of course.

  • Obama went on Fox all of twice in the entire campaign season.  I'd say he minded; he only went there when he felt it necessary.

    Why is this even an issue?  How is it a "war?"  They're simply not doing business with Fox in accordance with Fox's status as the PR wing of the Republican Party.  If they need to use them for something again, I'm sure they'll do it again.  That's what you do with tools, you use them.  Sometimes a tool is too expensive to use; in that case you use something else.

    I hate to break it to you, but they were already the highest rated "place to go for dissenting views" in the first place, and have been for ten years.  This is not a new controversy, except that media outlets always want to push an opposition narrative.  Has nothing to do with Obama.

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    So you're saying that we would be approaching health care reform now if Obama hadn't been elected?

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    We're closer to comprehensive health care reform than we've ever been, and somehow we're "leaderless"?  

    Would all this have happened if McCain had won?  Who would have crossed the country doing 20K person rallies to bolster support for reform?  Who would have given a primetime speech on television warning of the dangers of inaction?  

    Huffington Post is so full of bull these days it staggers my imagination.  Really, they should stick to embarassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions like on their entertainment page.

  • Obama used Fox to reach more voters, and ended up winning.  Fox tried to use the opportunity to trip him up and destroy him, but got out-manuvered.

    Now that he's president, Obama has no need of their shenanigans and no reason to legitimize them.  There's a difference between a presidential candidate boycotting a hack-job network and a president doing the same.

  • Acting like a petulant jagoff doesn't make you a useful poster on the internet, either.

    You have no proof that Obama is in anybody's pocket, and he's not even ten months into his first term yet.  I'll take the history books' assessment over some shortsighted fool's, thanks.

  • The "teleprompter" attack was pathetic even during the campaign, and tipped your hand.

    "Chucky Todd?"  Really?

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    Those are 30 Republicans who seem not to have figured out that Democratic candidates have grown a spine and will call them on this vote when the time comes.

    "Into the Valley of Death rode the 30 Republicans..."

  • If you were in charge, we'd never do anything, because it's "too hard."

    Whiny little twit troll.

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    I never liked Thompson that much, but you really can't get elected to high office in Wisconsin if you're completely anti-Progressive.  

    He should go after Arne Carlson, ex-governor of Minnesota.  He pulled the Republican version of a Joe Lieberman years before Joe Lieberman did it, and promptly became a Republican again... loyal, but moderate.  I don't doubt he supports health care reform.

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    We could have McCain presiding over even worse gridlock and denying the problem while continuing the Bush program of shadow corporate welfare.

    I don't think it will be too difficult for Obama to campaign against allegations that it's his recession.  Opponents and journalists (who might as well be opponents in this situation) constantly underestimate his ability to communicate with the people.  

  • I just don't buy it.  I think HuffPo got rolled.

    Occam's Razor suggests that the simplest explanation is probably the true explanation.  Does it make more sense for Obama to be stirring up support for reform for months if not years and then send marching orders to (only) the already-compromised Finance Committee for a shit sandwich handout to Big Pharma, or does it make more sense for the compromised Finance Committee to have struck the deal and sent a memo about it to the White House?

    Plus, their source is an unnamed "health care lobbyist?"  That triggers my BS detector all by itself.


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