"Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/ Huckabee in SC

Warning: Dumbest Diary Ever

I didn't think there was a way for Huckabee to top the Chuck Norris endorsement. Norris now enjoys a kind of mythical status, thanks to Conan O'brien and the internet. But, the Huck-man has really done it this time. As he proved with his fried-squirrel story, Huckabee really "gets" South Carolina (I'm from South Carolina--still here, too--and all my older relatives wax nostalgic about eating squirrel, rabbit, and anything else running around the yard.) And, lest there be any doubt, I love South Carolina (some of it, at least; there are some tricky areas.)

Now, Rev. Huckabee is trotting out Ric Flair (aka the "Nature Boy") on the campaign trail as he delivers his final pitch to South Carolina voters. For the unlucky few who don't know the pleasure that is Flair, some videos of the man--in words and action--below the fold.

First, from the early NWA days (you have to make it 'til the end):

That is great theater, you have to admit. Wrestling has lost its soul, no doubt.

And here is Flair v. his chief rival, Dusty Rhodes ("The American Dream") performing his signature move, the figure four:

God, I could watch this stuff for days. Anyway, I'll spare you any more videos. You know how to use youtube.

On a personal note, I've actually met Ric Flair once. A friend of mine works with his step-son, and (no lie) I was so close to attending Ric Flair's bachelor party (for what I'm guessing is like his fifth marriage). He is just as ridiculous, loud, and ostentatious in person as he is on TV (well, may a tiny bit less), but he's kinda nice in a cartoonish way.

As it concerns Flair's appeal in  South Carolina: He is a big and notorious fan of the South Carolina Gamecocks. He lives in Charlotte, NC, but is practically the honorary mayor of Myrtle Beach, SC. As one would imagine,he is no bible-thumper. Indeed, he is dripping in sin, so I wonder if Huck can balance this with his more ecclesiastical appeal. Flair may be Huckabee's McClurkin.

Okay, that's enough. Congratulations on the endorsement, Huckabee. South Carolina is yours to lose now.

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Re: "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Who is Macho Man Randy Savage backing? I think we need to line up all of the old WWF guys and see...

by bowiegeek 2008-01-19 02:33PM | 0 recs


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