California SEIU Endorses Obama

The AP reports that the California SEIU has decided to endorse Barack Obama. From the press release:

A spokeswoman for the California branch of the SEIU tells The Associated Press that the union is backing Barack Obama for president.

The SEIU had been backing John Edwards, who dropped out of the race on Wednesday.

The Service Employees International Union has about 650,000 members in California. Many are city, county and state workers. Others are in-home support and health care workers.


More in the extended entry.

There is always the question whether these endorsement will provide a significant boost in support or turnout. Given Obama's struggle to attract more support from the working-class democratic base, I think this endorsement is certainly encouraging. On the other hand, there are only a few days remaining before Super Tuesday, so the union's ability to provide any strong organizational assistance is limited (As we learned in Nevada).

It's certainly not bad news, though, and may help push some of Edwards' support to Obama. With polls appearing to tighten in California, every little bit helps.

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