ABC News Exposes Obama's sameness

The lead basically suggests Obama is a hypocrit.  That might be a tad strong.  However it clearly suggests that Obama, while talking about being different from the rest of the pols, is the same as the rest of bunch in D.C.

Obama while railing about lobbyist in his speeches has been targeted by lobbyists to deliver tariff exemptions and he has delivered.  This dove tails with Obama's stated refusal to except money from lobbyist, but his willingness to take money from their wives, and it all serves to shoot a big hole in the case he is trying to make that he is different.

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Giuliani Quit Iraq Panel

If you do not already believe that Giulinai is a greedy guy with bogus anti-terror / foreign policy creds, who milking 9/11 for all it is worth to him, here comes the story in Newsday today by Craig Gordan.

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"Don't go sell it on eBay."

Maybe not worthy of a diary, but I could resist posting this.  So many people in the corporate media have made Bush out to be soooo sensitive when it comes to the death of our fine young men and women.  Much has been made - by his own spokespeople of course - of his emotional meetings with the families of the fallen.

Well here is an inside look at just how emotional our sensitive President gets at these meetings.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"Then he gave us a presidential coin,'' she said. "Now you check this out: He gave six of us a presidential coin, tell us not to tell the rest of the people that was there, and then after that he told us don't go sell it on eBay. Now you tell me how insensitive that can be? What kind of caring person is that?'' theswamp/2007/05/bush_to_mother.html

I'm suprised he didn't ask them right there if they knew anymore family members that might want to sign up and go and fight in his war.

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Fred Thompson the GOP Answer?

Fred isn't looking so strong here.  Sure, he'd get a bounce once he announced but boy oh boy, he would need it.  Clinton and Edwards are beating him in Texas!

I say bring him on.

Anyway, more fun with polls: yusa_fred_thompson_v.php

There's more... w/ some fresh primary polling

There some new numbers SurveryUSA numbers to digest in New Hampshire and California.   Both are automated surveys of likely primary voters.

In California Clinton leads with 48%. yusa_california_prim.php

In New Hampshire Clinton leads with 40%. yusa_new_hampshire_p.php

New Hampshire has an interesting race for the number two slot.  Edwards is seen trailing Obama by only 2%.

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Clinton Tied w/ Giuliani, Up on McCain

Rasmussen's latest polling is showing Hillary tied with Rudy at 45% each.  Hillary is beating McCain 48% to 44%.  Hillary's favorable rating is at 50%.  

Hillary Clinton continues to show her strength as a candidate. While I don't think that Rudy will be the eventual nominee for the Republicans, this closeness is not good for him should he be.  He has no place to go but down after the other GOP contenders go after him.

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Top Dems vs. Rudy, A 10 State Match Up

Survey USA is out with polling in 10 states showing how the top 3 Democratic contenders match up with Rudy.  The numbers don't look too bad.  We still have some work to do in some states that are traditionally close, but a lot of people in those states have yet to see the real Rudy (which I am sure Romney and McCain will start to expose tonight).

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Obama: Not Different, Just a Politician

Howard Fineman it seems found something very interesting under his hotel door while in South Carolina for the recent debate among Democratic hopefuls.  A lenghty fax detailing talking points for Obama to use with potentional supporters and donors was literally slipped under his door in the middle of the night.  The fax also detailed actual scripts for Obama to use in conversations with these supporters and warnings about what not to say.

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Hillary Leads in 32 of 34 States

This according to her pollster Mark Penn, who also cites a number of national polls, with links.

I think a lot of this has to do with a superior organization which she was able to put in place early due to her easy election campaign in NY.

What is really eye popping are her leads in delegate rich states.

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Obama looking up .... At Hillary.

Despite the buzz than continues to follow Obama, and his support online, Hillary continues to hold the lead.  When the all polls are averaged its a solid lead.  This ABC poll has her up double digits.

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