Sen. Dave Vitter in More Trouble

We all remember when Dave Vitter stood up in front of the cameras with his wife and yet against exposed Republican hypocrisy to the world.  Yeah there were some issues -  a private matter - in D.C.   But gosh dang it all those stories about hookers in New Orleans were just mean old lies, or cheap political attacks Dave told us.

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Moveon's Attack Ad: Cause for concern

How politically ham handed was the full page ad ran in the New York Times today?  To say it was clumsy would be kind.  Today of all days when everyone should be working to keep America and the media focused on what Petraeus and Crocker are actually promising to deliver in Iraq (which is nothing) and comparing their testimony with reality on the ground, instead we get the ad and its fallout.

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Who Ya Gonna Have a Beer With?

ABC has released results of a poll with a sample size of 1000 + respondants.  In it they asked two questions similar to the old "who would you rather have a beer with" question.  Given a choice between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani they were asked who they'd rather drive cross country with, and if they worked in an office, who the would rather have run their company.

Hillary wins both times.   In fact, she wins the cross country drive question by a solid 9%.  This is of course a straight up likeability question. has the results: 8_roadtrips_and_comp.php

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Edwards Fundraisers Indicted

Geoffrey Fieger and Vernan Johnson worked on behalf of the Edwards for President committee in '04, raising cash for his Presidential bid.  Both are lawyers from Michigan.

It seems that they may have skirted some campaign finance laws, such as using corporate funds to make donations, and perhaps running those donation through fake donors, such as secretaries, etc.

But still indictments for conspiracy and fraud are something you'd expect from friends of Rudy, not friends of John.  

It doesn't appear that Edwards or his campaign is in any legal hot water here. eger_indictment.pdf

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Would Obama Girl vote for Hillary Clinton?

Would Obama Girl vote for Hillary Clinton?  Maybe.  

Wouldn't that be ironic?

The New York Daily News dishes:

"She still thinks the "lighthearted"video can only help his campaign. "It shows him in a positive light." That doesn't mean she's voting for him.

"I have to say I'm very impressed with Hillary Clinton,"she tells Steppin' Out magazine's Chaunce Hayden. "I watched the recent debates and I liked a lot of her answers!"

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Clinton leads in SC

Hillary Clinton is carrying an 8 point lead over Barack Obama in South Carolina according to a poll out today by Rasmussen.  While I could not find a previous Rasmussen poll of SC, his numbers for Clinton jive almost exactly with the average at

Rasmussen:  Clinton (38), Obama (30), Edwards (13) Clinton (37.8), Obama (31), Edwards (14.5)

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Mrs. Obama gets Ugly

The Obama campaign seems to like taking a page from the Edwards campaign when it can (which seems like often).  It seems that Camp Obama has not decided to use Mrs. Obama as its attack dog.  This is of couse very similar to the role that Elizabeth Edwards has played in the Edward's campaign.  The difference is of course that John Edwards never claimed to be different or to be changing politics as we know it.

Given Mr. Obama's talk of a different kind of politics, Mrs. Obama's recent attack on the Clinton's seems all that more mean spirited, and ugly.

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Gov. Beebe & Sen. Pryor Don't See a Clinton Drag

It has been popular in some circles to talk about Hillary Clinton as a possible drag on a ticket.  The folks who talk this up will tell you that it is doubly the case in the south.  Forget for a second that a drag ( or said another way coattails) don't really exist in American politics anymore.

Well there seem to be more than a few successful Democratic pols who are not buying into the drag theory and they are lining up squarely behind Hillary Clinton for President.

Among these folks are Gov. Mike Beebe and Sen. Mark Pryor from Arkansas.   Why would men, who Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times calls "two of the most cautious politicians I know", be doing such a thing (if you believe the drag on ticket guys they are slitting their own throats)?  Maybe because they know a winner when they see one.

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Edward's Rakes in Murdoch's Cash

It seems that the attacks that John Edwards has thrown at candidates like Hillary Clinton for doing, among other things, taking money from Rupert Murdoch have boomeranged and come right back at him.

John Edwards received a $500,000 advance to write a coffee table style book, along with $300,000 in expenses, from the Murdock owned Harper Collins.  Edwards defends the $500,000 advance saying it went to charity.  However, it is not clear how he explains the portions of the expense money that flowed to his daughter Cate, as well as a political aide that works for him.  Furthermore, it is unknown why such a book drew such a large advance in the first place.

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Billy Graham says: I think a lot of Hillary

The Daily News has a story about a new book out where Graham discusses his ministering inside the White House.  In it Graham shows a very favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton.  He describes "a warm side to her - and a spiritual one."

The article: t/2007/08/10/2007-08-10_warm_clintons_go t_a_friend_in_rev_billy-1.html

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