Hillary Clinton Beating Edwards by 18 in North Carolina

Survey USA is out with new polling showing Clinton crushing Edwards in his home state of North Carolina.

From Survey USA: " In a Democratic Primary for President of the United States in North Carolina today, Hillary Clinton finishes first with 43%, John Edwards 2nd with 25%, Barack Obama 3rd with 19%. Obama gets 11% of the white vote, 39% of the black vote. Clinton leads because in addition to getting 42% of the white vote, she gets 41% of the black vote. Obama's support skews young. Clinton's support skews old."

The African American vote stands out here.  Once again, it appears that Clinton is performing very well in this segment, more than holding her own against Obama.  Edwards does poorly in this key segement of Democratic primary voters.

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Politico: Clinton would cream Giuliani

Pew is out with some new polling and Politico has the coverage.  The long and the short of it that is very good news for Democrats and for Hillary Clinton.

We have all seen the polling over the last couple months showing Clinton running ahead or being very competetive in a number of states that went for Bush in '04.  Recently OpenLeft.com put up an electoral map, based on a conglomeration of recent polling, that showed Clinton winning with over 300 electoral votes.

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Politico Joins in Smear of Obama,

If Obama were to become the Democratic candidate the Republican playbook is clear.  Ed Rodgers has already tipped the Republican hand.  They are going to go after Obama's roots and his fathers Islamic faith.  Obama will be charactorized as a sleeper agent for Islamic terrorist jihad.

Politico offers the preview up:

http://www.politico.com/news/stories/100 7/6314.html

It is a sick and twisted story but one that is not expected.  Republicans will not let our first serious African American candidate pass easily.  It has to be expected and unfortunately in light of the 'Call Me' ad against Ford in '06 (whose writer now workes for Giuliani) it may be effective in many parts of our racially challenged nation.

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Meet the New Democratic Movement

There has been some talk.  Some of which I have been involved in.  What are John Edwards liberal creds?  Is he a DLCer trolling for votes on the left because he is afraid he can't find them in the middle or to the right, where Obama and Clinton are running hard?

Was John Edwards a member of the DLC?  Only now veering left as he looks for a primary stategy?

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Will Ron Paul and His $5 Million Impact NH

As I read the stunning news that Ron Paul raised over 5 million dollars in the last quarter, and has more than 5 million cash on hand, I wondered what his effect might be in New Hampshire.

44% of New Hampshire voters are independents.  They are allowed to vote in the primary and must decide whether to vote in the Republican or Democratic Primary.  In 2000 they weighed in with heavy support for John McCain, pushing him to the upset win over George W. Bush.

Who will they support in '08?  Many pundits say Democrats.  This is of course mostly because of the deep opposition to the war in that state.  

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Bush Using Myanmar As The Latest Distraction

Here we go.  The next White House distraction to take the collective eye of the media off the war in Iraq and the lameness of George W. Bush's lame duck status.

Word from the White House today is that they are "troubled" over the possible killing of 5 protesters in Myanmar.  

Nice timing right?

Bush gives a UN speech yesterday with a puzzling shout out to Myanmar, and lack of attention to Iraq, and today we have this "troubling" development.  I guess they figured that they were not getting the same milage out of bogus terrorists alerts that they once did so they are going this route.

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We Have Sold Our Soul To China

It is official.  

The USA has collectively sold its soul to China - among others.  We are now well on our way to status as a second class nation.

The CEO of Mattel has gone to China to apologize to China for "damaging China's reputation" by recalling defective or dangerous toys made in China, by Chinese manufacturers.

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Tootsie Giuliani's Negatives Rise

I just came across this piece in the New York Daily News from a few days back.  I found it interesting.

It seems Giuliani's negatives are trending up.  He is already up to 38% and that is before the other GOP nominees have really unloaded on him.   Even more interesting is the fact that his negatives went up after the 9/11 anniversary.

I am convinced more than ever that Tootsie will be the Republicans nominee.  The country club Republicans like the guy and the rigthwing conservative vote is going to be split at least 4 ways.  More if Newt jumps in.  Rudy will win by default.

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$20 Billion College Aid Bill Signed

Democratic leaders in Congress finalized the $20 billion college aid package yesterday and sent it to the White House for signature.  The President is expected to sign it.  Some are calling it the largest investment in college education since the 1944 GI Bill.

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Bill Richardson Thanks the AFSCME

Bill Richardson finished up his speech with a hardy thank you to the AFSCMW.

The only problem is he was speaking to the SEIU.

Now that is comedy.  The problem is Richardson is running for office and probably doesn't find it as funny as some others with a sense of humor might.

This does nothing to change my assertion that despite his great resume he won't seriously be considered for the VP slot.  He is a gaffe machine.

As reported at MSNBC:


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