MSNBC Reports Clinton to get United Farm Workers Union Edorsement

MSNBC has a an AP report up from about an hour ago reporting that Clinton is flying to California today to pick up the endorsement of the United Farm Workers Union.

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Clinton: Going To The Mat

Clearly Clinton thinks this was her best moment of the debate.  She was very strong in stating the health care is a key Democratic principle and that she was not going to start by leaving 15 million people out.

This was probably her best crowd reaction of the night as the crowd seemed to rise in its level of approval as she continued to speak.

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Why is Obama so Secretive About His Family?

Can you imagine the outrage from the media if John Mccain or Hillary Clinton tried to keep the identity of a half sibling a secret?  Or an uncle?  The media would demand to know that their major malfunction was.  They would question their motives, their emotions.   They would suspect that they are hiding something.

Well Obama is keeping much of his past secret, in the dark.  Leaving people like me to try to piece together facts with little luck and left wondering, what is true and what is false.

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Clinton Collected Over 50%

Short diary, but speak to this if you will.

Until today Democrats were makng 39-35-26 type predictions.  This was a three candidate race (sorry Dennis).  It was supposed to be close everybody had chance to win depending on GOTV efforts.

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Southern Black Vote Split

There has been a lot of talk recently about race and gender, and how the African American vote will break in South Carolina, and in the south in general.

I thought this article, by Shaila Dewan, of the New York Times, did a good job of highlighting the complexity of the issue.  The issue of who African Americans will vote for in a Democratic Primary is not black and white it seems.   There appears to be many shades of gray.

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Chris Matthews Apologizes to Hillary Clinton

Chris Matthews just openned his show with a 3 minute long apology to Sen. Hillary Clinton for comments he made that many found were insensitive and sexist.  

It was very direct and seemed very sincere.

For all of you that flooded NBC / MCNBC with email, MAJOR LEAGUE KUDOS TO YOU.

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Obama's Friend, Pastor, and Mentor Needs to Apologize

Barack Obama needs to stand up, be a man, and take responsibility for a change.  He can't blame this incident away on a junior staffer.  Barack Obama needs to take a break from comparing himself to Abe Lincoln, JFK, RFK, MLK, and Ronald Reagan, and disavow the comments made by his friend, mentor, and pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  

Wright, in a move similar to Bob Johnson (who issued a written apology to Barack Obama and his family), dredged up an ugly past to attack a Democratic candidate, and her husband.

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Obama Wins NV Newspaper Endorsement

Obama may have looked lackluster in last evenings debate, but he still comes away from Vegas with a prize.

Perhaps because of Barack Obama's vote on the Cheney energy bill, or previous support for Yucca Mtn., or his friendship with Joe Lieberman, the rightwing Las Vegas Review Journal has seen fit to weigh in on the Democratic Caucus in Nevada, and endorse Barack Obama.

The editorial that announced the endorsement also took several shots at John Edwards and Hillary Clinton.  Health care and populism are not popular with the rightwing it appears, but Obama is it seems.

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MSNBC Calls Michigan: Clinton Wins

Olbermann just called the results of the Michigan primary.  Clinton wins (Romney on the R side).

Obama, Edwards, and others who dropped out of Michigan in order to pander to Iowa voters.   Clinton, and Kuchinich stayed on the ballot.  

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Obama Blinks: Backs Off Race Play

Barack finally speaks cleary about Clinton's MLK comments.  As reported by USA Today:

"I don't think it was in any way a racial comment," Sen. Barack Obama told ABC News today, referring to a comment by his rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton about Martin Luther King Jr. that has offended some African-Americans. "That's something that has played out in the press. That's not my view."

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