All Lieberman, all the time

I have to admit I am a bit disappointed with what I have been reading on the blogs of late.   It is great that Ned Lamont won, the primary.  Now is certainly the time to rally to his cause.  But there are also dozens of other important races taking place around the country that involve Democrats and our chance to recapture at least one chamber of Congress in November.

It seems like almost every other post (not just here, but on several other blogs) is focused on Joe Lieberman.  I would think at this point his name would be the one least uttered.   He lost.  He is no longer a Democrat.  He is not deserving of this attention.  Attention that could be focused on introducing a lot of great Democratic candidates to the readers here, or supporting their causes.

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Moderates set to introduce economic agenda

Under the heading 'Moderate Democrats unveil economic agenda' the Ap is reporting today that the DLC has "a package of economic proposals aimed at giving every American a shot at reaching the middle class."

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Is there still a war in Iraq?

Democrats need to keep the focus on Iraq.   With the flare up on the Israeli - Lebonese border almost no attention is being paid to the war that WE are in.  Iraq is getting worse by the day.  It should be the number one issue as we head towards November.

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Dean's talking points on defense

Howard Dean's comments to the gathering at USD were right on the money.   It is easy to make a case that Bush has been a disaster on national defense issues.   Between now and November Democrats need to focus on this message and hammer away at it.  

It is too easy to get sidetracked sometimes debating the news topic of the day.   Hammer away at Bush on these defense issues and we roll bigtime in November.

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No US War for Israel

Israel can't be allowed to be the tail that wags our dog.  We can't let Israel dictate when and how we go to war.   If Israel makes the mistake of widening the conflict and attacking Syria, or worse, so be it.  Let them fight to defend themselves, but let them do it themselves.

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Bush silent: fails to lead in crisis

Bush is silent with regards to Israel's disproportionate use of force in Lebanon.  Perhaps if he, or Condi Rice acted more forcefully yesterday Israel's actions might have been contained and the crisis would not continue to escalate as it does now.   Regardless, like the hours after 9/11 the President is almost M.I.A. it seems.  

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Rudy's Ex Talks Sex

Nice to See Rudy G's ex has a new gig.  Hanover handing out sex tips should make for some fun questioning during Rudy's campaign.  I'm sure some of those family value voters in the south will want to know what types of tips she offered up to Rudy during their marriage.  

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US deals: will go easy in hunting Bin Laden

Did Bush cut a deal to score PR points?  Did US intelligence officials make a deal with AlQaida?  

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Iraqi Troops Kill 2 US GIs

The Ap is reporting that 2 US troops originally said to be killed in an ambush were instead shot and killed by their Iraqi patrol "partners".

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Liberals Need A Dress Code

I read the article in the NYT on Yearly Kos.   I couldn't help but notice one of the pics they decided to run.  Perhaps next year the convention can institute a dress code.

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