John Glenn Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton can add American hero, John Glenn to her list of supporters in Ohio.  A list that includes the popular governor, Ted Strickland.

Per 'First Read' Glenn has this to say:

"I respect her, I trust her, I like her," he said. "She's experienced, and she's developed as a leader. And I think she's fully capable of being a great president, starting on Day One."

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NBC: Shuster Suspended

Just checked my email.  I had sent an email urging David Shuster be fired for his comments regarding Chelsea Clinton.

The response I received reads as follows:

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Obama Should Worry About This

Yesterday I wondered what type of narrative the media would adapt coming out of Super Tuesday, and how they would choose to cover the race moving forward.  Up until yesterday hype was a huge part of the coverage, as it alway is leading up to a big event, whether it be Super Tuesday or the Super Bowl.  

Obama has enjoyed the most hype.  Largely because of his huge rallies that are full of energy.  Obama has fed off this hype and the positive coverage it brings.  But will that last?  Can he sustain the energy and the interest going forward.  Will the media play to it as they have in the past weeks?   Maybe not.

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My Prediction: Obama wins BIG tonight

Why do I make this prediction now?  Simple, I am watching Hardball.  The roundtable is talking about an Obama candidacy, Eugene Robinson is smiling like a cat that just swallowed a bird.  Chris is basically acting as though he as won and Dee Dee Myers is doing nothing to try and temper that.

Matthews is seeing the exit polling.  We are not.  Not yet.

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My Mind Has Changed: I Cannot Vote for Obama, Ever

Like many - the vast majority - of Clinton supporters, I have always said that I would support the eventual Democratic nominee, no matter who that nominee is.  With that I would make my usual small donations and talk up the nominee among my friends and neighbors.

Today I cannot make such a pledge.  If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee I will not register a vote at the top of the ticket.  

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John Kerry Has Not Called John Edwards

In an interview moments ago with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, John Kerry admitted, when asked, that he has not called or spoken with, John Edwards since his announcement to leave the race.  He did he it was on his to do list, somewhat coldly saying "I've told my staff it is something with have to accomplish."

When asked if Kerry would reach out to his one time running mate to endorse Sen. Obama, Kerry rejected the notion, and said he would not.

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Obama Exploits JFK

Barack Obama has again shown his approgant true colors.  He is exploiting the image of John F Kennedy in a tv ad paid for by his campaign.

Lets point out one fact here to start.  John F Kennedy has not endorsed Barack Obama.  Regardless of what Kennedy family members have have, it is out of bounds for Obama to use JFK's image to further his political ambition.  Would he do this if Jackie were still alive?

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McCain Trails Clinton Accuses Her of Surrender

Might we see the first shots of the 2008 Presidential Election being fired?  Republican John McCain today accused Hillary Clinton of wanting to surrender to our enemies.

From 'The Caucus' blog, at the New York Times site:

"Candidate Clinton has called for surrender and waving the white flag," he said during an appearance in West Palm Beach. "I think it's terrible. I think it's terrible."

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More On That Edwards Clinton Post Debate Conversation

An unnamed source who attended a recent John Edwards fundraiser in New York passes along some inside info to the New York Observer.

According to the source, as reported by the Observer:

"He said that Hillary and Obama have true dislike for each other and that after the most recent debate Hillary mentioned to John in passing that there's more about Obama and that "slum landlord" [Rezko] that has yet to be disclosed to the public."

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More Trouble for Obama - This Time in Kenya

More problems for Obama. Voters should know that Obama's relative is in the middle of a major dispute that has drawn the intervention of Kofi Annan.  Such relationships could have major ramifications on the African continent should Obama become President.

In Kenya where the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) lead by Raila Odinga in involved in a dispute over elections with the Kenyan government. Almost two dozen have been killed and buildings burned.

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