• But in the end she has zero say.

  • It will come down to the various committees that are seated to decide.   I think the credentialing committee has final say.  It has nothing to do with Clinton.  She is simply advocating that they be seated, so are a lot of people.  Unless they sit on the committee they have no say so.

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    Hurts Obama.

    The media hype will abate some.  Procress will play over hype.  This will help focus the campaigns on issues, which suits Clinton.

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    Has Obama retained counsel in the matter regarding Tony Rezko, and Mr. Rezko's indictment?

    Two, has Obama been questioned by investigators with regard to the matter?

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    The Clinton effect is already factored into the polling that we see.  It isn't all its cracked up to be.  

  • That what I really wonder.

    Are the only people Obama really fires up college kids, weathy liberal elites, and African Americans?

    That isn't enough to win.

    If he wins the nomination is this it?  John Kerry relied on the youth vote, had the best campus outreach ever, and got more younger votes than anyone ever.  He still lost by 2.5%.

    I think there are many issues that will hold Obama back from winning the votes he needs from working class white voters, latinos, and older voters.

    I think this is why Obama struggles in the large primary states.   I think we see a pattern of him doing much better in smaller states, especially those that caucus, because the liberal activists dominate, and often times that activism is centered around large university populations.

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    I have never said he won't win blue states because of problems with latinos.   I suspect he would carry NY and CA the two blue states where the latino vote is huge.

    I do think he has some problems that make certain states tough for him.

    His weakness among latinos won't help him flip the states like CO and NV and NM that we have been after for a while.  Obama has said and done enough already to make FL a loser for him.   Some working class whites in PA and OH may do what they did under Reagan, and vote Republican.

    My point about California or Massachusetts is simply  that a) he is a Democratic candidate and that b) if he was some sort of "wave" candidage he'd carry these two primaries, especially given his advantages.

    I don't think he is riding a "wave."  

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    In many of the smaller states and in the caucus states.

    When you factor in what Obama raised in Jan. he had more money than her.  Where she spent evenly with him, or close to it, she did well.

    Going foward I suspect she will be outspent by not by huge margains.  I would expect her to do well in the large states.

    It all about the delegate math at this point.

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    Let the restless natives settle it for themselves.  

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    The guy couldn't win CA, and MA, two of the bluest of true blue states there are.  He had the money advantage and he had the endorsement advantage and got dusted in both.

    Surely, any Democrat riding a "wave" would do well in those states.

    Clinton recent surge in cash will make March 4 even steven in the money department.  Show me that Obama wave.

    In large states, with diverse populations, where Clinton has gone head to head with Obama, and not been outspent, Obama has lost.

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    The Republicans did just what our rules suggest.  They cut the MI and FL delegates in half and said play on.   No fights squabble, nothing.  They held their elections and all parties seem happy at least outwardly.

    Instead the DNC has engineered maddess that would leave one key blue states that is just Republican enough not to be taken for granted, and the key swing state, pissed off and on the sidelines, and threatens to damage party unity.

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    Obama will do well in states that we are trying to slip ... AZ, NM, NV, and CO?

    Meant a question mark there.

    I think McCain being from the west will be tough  in the states and Obama's weakness among latinos will not help.

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    Show me the electoral math.

    Can Obama beat McCain in Oh?  Fl?  Where?

    Obama will do well in states that we are trying to slip ... AZ, NM, NV, and CO.

    Don't show me some national poll.  Kerry was up 10% in Feb in those polls.  He was down 13% in August.  They are meaningless.

    Give us the state by state breakdowns and how the electoral math will make Obama a winner.

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    The Clinton camp said the day after New Hampshire that there would be knock out punch in this race and that it would be a delegate battle.

    That is what is happening.  Both sides are doing their delegate math.  


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