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    If we want to win Senate seats in states like North Carolina, which is possible, we have to get Democrats who may not like Obama to still get out and vote for Democratic Senate candidates.

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    But now Camp Obama has all your info and hound you endlessly for money.

    So you have that going for you.

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    Ever since Obama wrapped up th nomination so many "Clintonista" have sprung forward to say they are for Obama.   Makes me wonder.  Clintonista was always a slur, never a compliment, when talking about the Clinton's.

    Could all these "Clintonista" singing the praises of Obama have been actual Obama supporters all along?

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    Clinton just threw him a left hook today with this vetting story.  Now if he announces anyone other than her --- who he didn't even vet --- he is left to deal with the fall out.

    My guess is she doesn't want it, wouldn't accept it, but is loving seeing him deal with this story.

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    He was so in the tank for Obama during the primaries it was sickening to watch him pretend to be a straight up news guy.

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    When it looked like it was clearly NOT Clinton, and probably Biden with a Thursday or Friday announcment, ahead of a Springfield photo-op on Sat., might have Clinton gamed Obama?

    In light of this leak that Clinton was not even vetted ... not even given a polite look see ... might Obama be weighing what to do now?   Maybe he has to make an 11th hour switch and go with Clinton, or risk losing that 11% of Democrats that may be seriously seriously upset at this vetting (non vetting) story.

    Could Biden end up looking like the date that got left behind at the dance?

    I wonder.   Waiting this late to announce is bizaare.  What?  He is going to text message everyone 5 minutes before appearing with his pick tomorrow?

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    I hate these lines of attack.  Unless the gains were ill gotten what do we gain by pointing them out?   So the guy is wealthy.  Just like Clinton, and Obama, and Edwards, and Kerry, and Gore.

    Going down this road plays into the stereotypes that the right paints us Democrats with.   You know we hate success, hate wealth, blah blah blah and all the assorted nonsense that goes with it.

    The reason why these line of attack are really bad is because your average American tends to admire wealthy people, and many American, even though they may have little real chance, dream of being wealthy themselves someday.   So they are not into ragging on people who have made it (again, unless the person is a crook or something).

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    5?  Thats it?  Over Grandpa McCain?  After all the love and all the press and all the money?

    Obama should have put McCain away by now.  

    Go after the old man and show the world how a) old he is, and b) how insane he is.

    All you need to do is make commercials out his post Florida victory comments.   His glazed eyes saying there will be more wars, and his gem saying that he isn't good on the economy.

    Apollo Creed toy'd around with Rocky and look what happened.   Obama but put McCain away before the end of the summer or it will become a real race.

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    If blogs make money the big boys will want a piece.   First Read is a good example, and it has something bloggers don't have, reporters who are actually out that can turn out tidbits realtime throughout the day.

    So as more people decide to "blog" where will they turn to do it?  Most local newspaper sites have dozens of blogs now.  That is just another example.

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    Mainstream, traditional, but it is still were the majority of Americans get their news and it still shapes the most opinions.  

    Blogs are growing at a rapid rate, but in the end represent a slice ... only one slice of America.  I am sure you know more than a thing or two about your demographic.

    I also think that when blogs reach maturity and become "mainstream" they won't resemble what we see now.  As bloggers start to rely on their sites to generate nice incomes they won't be unlike other media outlets.  Some will go for a niche audience.  Others will try to aim at a wider slice of the public, and like the tradition, mainstream media today, become more bland, and middle of the roadish

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    When President Obama still has combat troops in Iraq?  Will his anti-war supporters say that is okay, or will they sit home and make him a 1 termer?

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    I doubt Obama will be hiring him.

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    You can get a job that allows you to work 5 days a week, and or a job that pays a better wage.

    You can car pool.  You can find a job closer to home.   You can move to a larger city that will allow for easier access to public transit and public transit friendly jobs.

    Just a few ideas.

    I think what we will see in the short term is a major turn over among employees in either where they work or where they live or both.

    Example: An admin isn't going to drive 20 miles to make 22 grand anymore.  She will work a lower paying retail job 2 miles from instead, etc.

    Or someone with a good job downtown will sell their home in the burbs and move downtown, or to the edge of the city.

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    I'll buy a new pair of flip flops for the occasion, and bring my Lord of the Rings trading cards!  

    ..... Just kidding.  A little humor never hurts.  

  • 6, 7, 8 months ago Obamamaniacs seemed so sincere in their rants about Obama being differnt, and Clinton being a shill who would say or do anything to be elected, and she was only about winning.

    Now that Obama will say or do anything, and the Obama supporters say we'll that is okay now, because it is all about winning afterall, it is perfectly  okay with them for Obama to change course to collect votes.

    I know what that says about Obama ... it says he is an elected official.   But what does it say about Obama supporters?


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