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    Farrell ran in 2004 and Courtney ran in 2002. Both came very close in their previous runs.

  • Some other good ones:

    New London - "Where your home is ours!" (get it? :)

    Greenwich (home of Lamont and one of the most Republican towns in the state) - Not really accustomed to leading the field for the soul of Democratic party

    Oxford - So small we don't have a slogan

  • Joe -- I think we met at the DFA meetup in Norwalk. I'm the Kerry-Edwards volunteer that's running for State Rep in Stratford. Are you the guy who worked for Kerry? I'd like to get in touch. My email is dave - at - davemooney.com. 203-645-2900 is my cell.


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    Not living in NJ since age 6 (now 29), I don't know who these state bosses are that Corzine is opposing. They might want to wake up and realize that Corzine is now the de facto Democratic state boss and he calls the shots.
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    Hey small world. I'll be working at Jim Miron's HQ from about 3PM on. He's running to be Stratford, CT's first mayor in our 366 year history.
  • Typo in email address, should be ctcitizens@gmail.com.
  • At my urging, Connecticut Citizens for Sound Government is organizing PHONE BANKING TO OHIO. We've made contact with the campaign and have an experienced local volunteer managing the effort.  This should not be considered limited to CT folks, EVERYONE JOIN IN!

    Check out http://ctcitizens.org for details. RSVP to ctcitzens@gmail.com and let us know you want to phone bank from home.

    There's only 10 days left and this is a great opportunity for netroots from all over the country to get involved.

    Politically, we're all congressional cousins. The actions of Reps from OH affect us all. Democrats are often criticized for leaving votes "on the table". Republicans win on turn-out all the time. Its time for Democrats to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. This is how we can do it by banning together and getting organized nationally.

    About CT Citizens for Sound Government:
    Connecticut Citizens for Sound Government (CTCSG) is comprised of a diverse group of individuals of all ages. The group came together during the 2004 Presidential election through the Connecticut Kerry Meet-up website. Under the leadership of David Pollack, our members mobilized and empowered voters through phone banking to Ohio, Oregon and other States; participating in voter registration drives locally; and joining voters in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and elsewhere campaigning door-to-door for John Kerry. We reached more than 35,000 people.

    After the 2004 election, we recognized our efforts made a significant difference although the outcome was not what we desired. We remain organized and committed to replicating our efforts in upcoming elections, on the local and national levels. We believe that having a strong organization in place at the outset of the election cycle will make the difference.

    Read more about CT Citizens for Sound Government... (pops)

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    Former DOE secy, popular NM Gov and head of the Democratic Governors' Association has said he wants to make the DGA the "center of gravity" for the Democratic Party (as opposed to the DNC, I suppose?). Sounds to me like somebody headed for IA and NH.


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