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    I agree and then some, I think the growth of entitlements in general is a security issue. 

    But I don't think that anybody believes that you can insure 30 million more people AND lower costs at the same time.

    Right now, people want jobs. When you can't pay your mortgage or buy groceries, nobody cares about health care reform.

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    Reconciliation can only adjust existing measures. And this bill will have to pass the house before it can be reconciled. How is that going to happen?

    Chris Matthews doesn't seem to believe it is possible.

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    I supported Clinton in the primary and I am not a big Obama fanboy.  I never drank the cool aid on Mr. Fresh Face No Experience and two autobiographies.

    However, this is not his fault.  There is just not support for the tax and budget increases that insuring an extra 30 million people will cost. Period.

    If I blame Obama for anything, it is not recognizing this fact, pivoting, and moving on the way Clinton did in '94.  But I really didn't expect any less from somebody with zero executive experience.  Not even a lemon aide stand.

  • Yep, it is all about the unemployment numbers. 

    If past voting patterns are our guide, then if unemployment is high in  November 2010 the election will be a referendum on the incumbents. Meaning there will be a wave voting out Democrats.

    Of course, something really unusual could happen that causes 2010 to break with precedent but I don't believe that it will.

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    Correct.  But voters don't want to hear that two wrongs make a right nor do they have a long memory.

    It is like that guy on Saturday Night Live.  "Fix It!"  

    Voters don't want to hear "I inherited this problem."  They want to hear "I will fix it!!!" or they will vote for a guy who will. 

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    1949 to 1970? 

    Any statistics on the number of times it was used in them modern era? 

    Like from 1971 to 2010?

    Funny, it seems like just yesterday the Republicans wanted to kill the filibuster to stop Democrats from filibustering Bush's appointments. 

    Be careful what you ask for.

  • Nah, tea-baggers won't care.

    I am an attorney that works with a lot of small businesses.  I know how government regulation crush them on a daily basis.  People have no idea how thin the margins are for these guys and they cannot afford lawyers to help them through every friggin' regulatory hurdle or spend weeks out of the year trying to decipher from the law books what the hell is required of them.

    This is not one of those regulations.  

    Any idea how much money it will generate?

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    I think that we are losing sight of the fact that before the Soviet invasion, Afghanistan was a peaceful place - so it can happen again.  

    I think Obama made the only choice he could make.  He has to give his generals at least one chance to win it before he pulls the plug.


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    This is the same argument that has been trotted out for years to advocate for central planning of the economy.  And it never works.

    The fact is that nobody can predict where productivity gains will be made in the future or what new markets will open up.

    Anybody here predict Google 10 years ago?

    What is needed to create jobs is better access to investment money for innovation and start-up businesses.  The Google's, Apples, and RIM's of our future.

    Right now companies go through three stages, start-up, growth, and commoditization.  It is the first two stages that provide good American jobs and the last stage that exports jobs overseas.   To keep the American dream going, we need access to investment to create the first two stages.  Right now that isn't happening.

  • Agreed.  However, keep in mind that the competition to attract the "best and the brightest" is an arms race in which all of the competitors are using federally subsidized student loans to up the ante.

    Ultimately it is the students that get the shaft, graduating with hundreds of thousand of dollars in debt.

    It is a crying shame.

  • Tuitions are rising faster than inflation because of federally guaranteed student loans that are available. Not because property taxes are too low.

    Go visit any UC campus in California. The places are swimming in money.  Look at the faculty clubs.  The new construction projects. The salaries.  The benefits.  The amenities.  The licensing revenue from I.P.  You shouldn't buy their poor story. It is B.S.

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    High tuitions are a problem that has nothing to do with schools not having a enough money. They have tons of cash.  Massive endowments, huge revenue from IP licenses.  

    They charge what they do for the simple reasons that they can get it from students who have access to federally guaranteed loans.

    What needs to happen is for the government to clamp down on tuitions that schools charge.  Schools need to stop spending money  like drunken sailors, treating their professors like royalty, and building Taj Mahal like dorms.  It is out of control.

    You should see the new dorms at U.C. Santa Barbara.  It is obscene.

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    My great hope is in algae fuel.  Also, possibly as a source to scrub coal emissions.

    I don't think clean coal is impossible.

  • That article says that they do not have enough votes.

    I wonder how they plan to get them by tomorrow night or even Sunday.  Sausage if being made I guess.

  • Dude. Chill. On MSNBC this morning.  

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33717968/ns/ politics-health_care_reform


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