MLK Jr., weekend events bring many thoughts.

What we do to each other!
I wonder why, and will we ever get better at valuing all human beings equally? Does a day go by, without horrible happenings, right here in 2008 in the United States of America, to our fellow humans? It happens to all, and genders, poverty, some more than others, allowing part of our society to live in discouragement, with no vision for a better future. Worse then no vision the realization that there are few options, if any. Where do we go from here?

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A TN soldier has a small wish.

I know this is not the normal content for MYDD, but please allow me this one tiny small, off topic type diary. I am sure there are many readers who are former millitary, and have spent many months away from home wishing and dreaming for something that makes them feel just a little better, and maybe makes the days go by a little easier. If one is not an ex-military person, I am sure most have had a family member, friend or co-worker that has been.

So, here I go with my little story/diary, maybe some will want to help out.

A TN Soldiers need in Iraq.
There is a 25 year old TN soldier sitting in Iraq, dreaming of some CAMEL Silver or Light Cigaretts. It seems the PX does not carry his brand, only menthol. To a smoker, I guess that is a big difference.

I am not a smoker and know little more about them, then you light one end and inhale smoke from the other end.

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"Road To One America Tour" - Memphis

Just a quick post with brief remarks about the Tour stop in Memphis yesterday evening.

The weather here was hot, and humid, but no rain. The crowd was gathered early to get into Memphis Inter Faith Association (MIFA). Finally, when we moved into the speaking area - it was elbow to elbow, standing room only with over flow into the front lobby area.

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Freedom of speech - is it just important to some

I am not a 911 conspiracy person. However I do think that citizens have a right to ask questions of our elected officials, their staff and pollsters.

I know there is a right and a wrong place to ask, but was an arrest necessary of a blogger with press credentials at the NH debate because Giuliani's pollster didn't like the question?

I am glad that for one, John Edwards embraces the net roots bloggers and has had several meetings with just bloggers across the country. Transparency is important to him.

I believe that most of our Democratic candidates, at least, realize they will come up against unpopular questions or even ridiculous ones and will not have the same type intolerant temperament of the Republicans.

Did you see this video of a blogger arrest in NH?

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Edwards get SC endorsments

I think John Edwards is making more headway in SC then the MSM wants anyone to know about. This was put up on the JRE website.
I still think he is the candidate that has the pull from undecideds and people that are not making the numbers in the polls.

Posted by Tracy:
"Today, three prominent African American South Carolina State Representatives are sending a letter to over 500 black state legislators from across the country, discussing why they support Senator John Edwards for president.  State Representatives Bill Clyburn, Lonnie Hosey and Chris Hart, who have all endorsed Edwards for President, are encouraging their colleagues to join them in supporting Edwards, believing he is the best candidate to address the concerns of their communities and bring about bold change for America."

more below the fold

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Reality webisode! What is that?

Going to keep this really short so as not to carry on.

I find that John Edwards again has suprised me with his new use of media. Both John and Elizabeth embrace the net and blogging as we all know. The OneAmericaCommittee website has been great, however this a wonderful new item.

A reality based behind the scenes look at the candidate.

Take a look at this: y/2006/12/19/101328/06

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TN-07 Mydd people please read this diary

This race has been largly ignored.

The 7th district dems have been working it as hard as many other races that are getting national attention. This race is important too. Bill is working to take the seat away from Marsh Blackburn, if you don't know Marsha she is called the Republican Rising star, and is part of the Majority Whip Team.

There is a great diary at the DAILY KOS please check it out: /84454/156

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TN-07 Not giving up yet! Still fighting hard

Last weekend Democratic Congressional Candidate Bill Morrison visited southwest District 7 with stops in Shelby, Hardeman, and Fayette Counties. Along the way he met up with Democratic Senatorial Candidate Harold Ford, Jr. and the two talked with supporters about the need for Democratic change in Washington.

TN-07 working hard to oust Republican Marsha Blackburn. Don't give up on this one yet! Please consider helping to keep them on the run.

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Tn-07 Bill Morrison present, Repubs have left the building.

An unbelievable morning, with Bill Morrison, republicans shock me twice again and that is before noon!

(Shock #1)
When I arrived at the school this morning for this 10:00 A.M. event, to my dismay I was told by Bill Morrison (TN-07) that the democrats were not allowed inside. It was unclear as to why, but apparently the Republicans present told them they could not come into the building. It seemed to be something about the present setting representatives were Republican, and it was the opinion of the Republicans present  therefore the Democrats were not allowed. I am not sure that is the correct reason or not, it seemed unreal to hear the explanation. I still feel that maybe my ears were playing some kind of trick on me.

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TN politics may cause a loss for Democrats across this country!

Does the TN Democratic Party ask for help and get ignored? Do they just not ask? Do they just want the rest of the Democrats in this country to ignore what seems to be the GOOD OLD BOY passage of politics - you know the keep your nose out of my back yard type of politics? Well I have some big news for the Democrats in TN, the 2006 elections aren't just about Tennessee! Democrats all over this country are working hard to put a democratic Senate and House in place. So, what is wrong in Tennessee, and especially in Harold Ford Jr's back yard - Memphis, Shelby County, West Tennessee? Wake up Tennessee, you are a part of the country and the rest of America's Democrats are counting on you!

I went to a local Democratic meeting yesterday and came away dismayed - should I give up - I see little hope here for the West end of TN - (I have my doubts for this state anyway-but beyond that) this can shake the most steadfast Democratic heart! Only the Mighty-Thunder of the bloggs and the netroots can help save this one!

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