GOP Rep Clueless On Iraq

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Gil Gutknecht (R-MN) is scared. Gutknecht is frightened by his challenge from Fightin' Dem Tim Walz in Minnesota's 1st Congressional District.

Since Gutknecht has no record to run on, he is simply trying to divide the people of Southern Minnesota.

When illegal immigration was supposed to be the silver-bullet for the GOP in 2006, Gil Gutknecht was out on the front lines of the issue. He came out and joined the ranks of nutjobs like Tom Tancredo, Steve King and James Sensenbrenner with xenophobic and hateful rhetoric:

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I'm Looking

I am looking for something meaningful.

Help me out.

In 2003 I watched Howard Dean's rise and I watched democracy rise with him.
In 2003 I did not get involved. I did not get involved like thousands of other activists around the country.

I didn't let Dean for America reinvigorate my sense of activism.

I am now a Deaniac, but there is no Dean for America left.

Help me out.

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