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    * Tim Walz fits perfectly with every single one of these criteria. Walz, a fightin' dem and an award-winning public school teacher is challenging 6-term Republican congressman Gil Gutknecht.

    * Walz, as of the last filing deadline, had around $250,000 cash on hand. He has done the hardwork of raising money the traditional way: phone-calling and raising money from small donors at events throughout the district. Walz has outraised Gutknecht during the calendar year of 2006. That is right, Walz - a public school teacher - has outraised Gutknecht for 2006. Walz is behind in cash on hand, but the gap is narrowing. With the help of the netroots, Walz will have the resources to take down Gutknecht.

    * MN-01 is a 50-50 district. Bush only won the distrct by 4% and 17 of the 22 counties in the district are represented by DFL Legislators. The district is rated an "R+1" by the Cook Political Report. Minnesota is also trending blue once again with Amy Klobuchar running in the double digits ahead in the US Senate Race and Mike Hatch running neck-and-neck with Governor Tim Pawlenty.

    * The national establishment has decided to go for the open seat in MN-06, a very Republican district, instead of making Walz one of their targeted races. This is where the netroots come in. MN-01 is currently ranked as the #46 race in the country by the National Journal. This is a more competitive race then some of the other netroots candidates.

    * A Blue Stem Prairie is a blog that is covering soley the race in MN-01. Walz has is also "the darling of the Minnesota netroots" recieving the full support of such respected bloggers like:

    MN Campaign Report

    MN Publius


    This is just a taste of the great Minnesota bloggers who have stepped up to the plate to back Tim.

    * Walz is a progressive populist, fighthing for progressive causes such as universal health care, strong public schools, open and honest government, and a safe withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Walz has embraced the help of grassroots and progressive support by meeting with Democratic activists across the district and having interviews a number of Minnesota bloggers.

    Tim Walz is an awesome candidate and MN-01 is the perfect district for the Netroots to have a say in. We can not let this opportunity go by us. Together, we can bring independent and authentic leadership back to Southern Minnesota.

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    Matt - Were you drunk when you made this post?

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    For more on the under the great race that is shaping up in MN-01 check out these superb blogs:

    MN Campaign Report

    MN Publius

    Blue Stem Prairie  MN-01 Exclusively!

    North Star Politics


    Vox Verax

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    Matt/Chris -

    Quick question.

    Are you still looking for nominations the Netroots Candidate Endorsement?


  • Not at all.

    Compare Webb to his opponent Harris Miller.

    Jim Webb is one of the greatest candidates Democrats have running in the country right now.

  • Yeah, this is some of your worst stuff here Matt.

    Bilbray as a progressive? Come on.

    Busby did run a DC Insider campaign. This is true.

    But for months you have been pushing Francie Busby like no other. And now, just because she lost, you turn around and blame in on the DC establishment and her just running on "issues." This sounds a helluva lot like Arm-chair politicking to me. A helluva lot like Monday (Wednesday morning) quarterbacking.

    I have a world of respect for you Matt, but come on.

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    One of my favorite blog posts ever.

    I am a college student in Michigan from Minnesota.

    But I LOVE the Montana blogosphere.

    Matt Singer and friends, this is for you!

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    I still don't think this is a sure thing.

    We have to do everything we can to get Big Jon as the nominee.

    I am from out of state, but I still made some phone calls for the campaign today. I have donated well over $100 to Tester.

    This race is about more then Montana. This is about taking back our party from the losers. This is about taking back our country from the crooks.

    Do everything you can. We can win this thing.

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    Schweitzer won't run in 2008.

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    Sounds damn good to me.

    This sounds like a perfect opportunity to crash the gate.

    When you meet her ask how she is going to serve in D.C. without "going Washington" like Wynn and so many others.

    Also, ask her about her feelings on healthcare, the economy and education.

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    Any number of candidates, the ones I especially like:

    Gary Trauner, WY-AL

    Monica Lindeen, MT-AL

    Tim Walz, MN-01

    David Van Os, TX-AG

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    A good pick, but I think there are better choices out there.

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    I know there is a basis for comparison - but the races seem very different. Especially in the motives of the two candidates.

    From all accounts Akaka has been ineffective. I know he is progressive, but what major accomplishments does he have in the Senate?

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    I just said that Lamont will barely lose to Lieberman in August. Right after I said it I changed my mind.

    Twice the number of party insiders needed and Ned Lamont did it!

    We can do this!

    I just sent another $25 to Ned yesterday.

    I am going to try to give another $25 ASAP! Go Ned!


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