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    by 2012, Obama will be in a somewhat stronger position. It's way too early to know how hcr will play two years from now. A bunch of people will benefit from the new laws, but a bunch of other people will still be getting jerked around by insurance companies and will wonder why the Democrats couldn't fix it.

  • I totally agree. It was a missed opportunity. LaHood has very good intentions on transportation policy, and would have made sure extra funds for transit were used wisely.

    The state fiscal aid was extremely important for saving and creating jobs. Many economists felt that part of the stimulus bill should have been larger, and that Congress should have passed a new bill late last year with more aid targeted to state and local governments. Representative George Miller's new House bill would do this, but I doubt the Senate will pass that this year, unfortunately.

  • There were some job-creating elements, but there was no coherent strategy. For instance, $70 billion was spent on fixing the alternative minimum tax--what if we had put $70 billion into high-speed rail projects? There was tremendous demand for the $8 billion the stimulus did allocate for high-speed rail.

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    unlike the battleground districts where control of the House will be decided. But it's good that running against health care didn't seem to help the Republican much with seniors.

  • The NH Senate seat was open. There wasn't going to be a better time for Hodes to try to move up. If a Republican wins, Hodes would be looking at running against an incumbent in 2016. If a D wins, Hodes might never have a chance.

    Melancon's calculus was different. LA is losing a Congressional district after this census, and most people think he would be the one sacrificed. So why not take the longshot bid against Vitter instead of letting yourself be drawn off the map in 2012?

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    hurt him with Democrats. He was posturing for the general election, but he has to get through the primary first.

  • Ohio is looking a little better for us lately. Maybe we can pull that one out. I have hopes for Hodes as well. I think it's going to be awfully tough in Missouri because of the way that state is trending.

  • Don't know about that--19 percent support for Lib Dems probably doesn't translate to 19 percent of seats and may not even give them 10 percent of seats. It depends on how much tactical voting there is, and when I followed UK elections closely I was always surprised there wasn't more tactical voting.

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    Yesterday Mr. desmoinesdem told me the Socialists were likely to come in third in Hungary. The far-right support is disturbing, but at least they are no chance of being in a coalition government. FIDESZ is not so bad.

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    We have a decent bench in this district and a fighting chance. I prefer not to have residents of The Family house on C Street pretending to be Democrats in Congress.

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    No, sometimes incumbents are able to make elections a choice between them and the challenger (what the challenger has done/will do), rather than a referendum on the president/what's happening now. Republicans held some seats we should have won in 2006 and 2008 by doing this. We are going to need to do that in some of our vulnerable districts.

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    If this election is a referendum on whether people are better off than they were before Democrats were in power, we are going to get slaughtered.

    If we can make it a choice between the Democratic approach and the failed Republican approach to dealing with the economy, health care, whatever, we have a fighting chance.

    I am also hopeful that the GOP will leave some seats on the table because they won't have as large a money edge as they have had in some previous cycles.

    I remember in 1994 some people were saying it was just "anti-incumbent" sentiment, but the only incumbents who ended up losing were Democrats.

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    is going to the NRCC, NRSC and RGA rather than the RNC because of the many doubts about Steele. I'd be interested in seeing how the overall committee fundraising numbers look.

    It's good to see the DNC will have a decent amount of money to spend this fall, but it's too bad they shut down the 50-state field program.

  • know Grassley was fear-mongering about pulling the plug on grandma. It's gotten tons of media coverage during the past six months. I don't think it will necessarily be salient in November, though.

    Also, this poll was taken in late February, but for some reason they only released the results this week.

    The Senate race is still Grassley's to lose, but I think he irrevocably damaged his own image here by pushing the "grandma" falsehood. He won't be winning with 65-70 percent of the vote like he always has in the past.

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    I disagree with you about Hawaii but think you're probably right about PA-12.


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