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    What a tool.

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    of your polling.

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    It's ridiculous to say the current policy works well when it has ended thousands of military careers of people who served honorably.

    I have to say I was shocked yesterday to see Ben Nelson and Robert Byrd supporting DADT repeal while Jim Webb announced plans to vote no.

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    that Sestak isn't even eligible to be Sec of Navy, because he hasn't been out of active military service for 5 years.

    This whole "scandal" sounds bogus to me. I assume someone hinted something to Sestak about a nice job if he gave up the primary challenge. When Ed Fallon challenged Leonard Boswell in the 2008 Dem primary, there were similar rumors about Fallon being offered a job in order to drop the campaign. Who cares?

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    I am glad that every diary isn't immediately stuffed with a 100+ comment flamewar, but I agree, it would be nice to see more active commenters.

    My advice is to write the diaries you want to write. A thoughtful, substantive diary will attract more commenters than a few sentence long rant.

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    I can't understand why the DSCC was spending for Cal Cunningham in NC, for instance.

    I think it makes perfect sense for the unions to put money behind Halter. Bad Democrats need to be held accountable to their primary electorate too. If Halter wins the primary with strong support from organized labor, that will send a message to other incumbents.

    I think we will end up with 52-54 Senate seats, but the big problem is going to be 2012. The map is horrible for us, and we are virtually guaranteed a loss in NE.

  • I still expect them to win 20-30 seats, but the odds of them retaking the House have lengthened. They only have half the cash on hand the DCCC has; that will also be a factor.

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    like the competitive Democratic primaries for governor and senator fueling turnout in this district. But even so, Republicans should have been able to keep it closer. He is wrong not to see that this defeat will hurt NRCC fundraising and reduce the number of seats they are able to make a play for in the fall.

    I think Republicans were counting on "blah blah blah Nancy Pelosi blah blah blah liberal" to carry the day for them. Nationalizing the election may not work for them in a lot of these districts.

  • I haven't read that book, and it sounds interesting. My memory of the Bork controversy was that Arlen Specter provided the turning point when he said he would not vote to confirm Bork. I didn't know about that southern angle.

  • As a general rule, party committees should stay out of competitive primaries, especially when there is no incumbent in the race. If the DSCC had money to burn, or if Marshall polled particularly badly against the Republican, I could see getting involved, but Marshall sounds a better candidate anyway.

    I hope NC Democrats can get out the vote in November. I know the state was a major focus of the Obama field operation in 2008.

  • At blogging school they told me it was ok for me to express an opinion. My opinion of Blanche Lincoln differs from the Chamber of Commerce's opinion, and the president's opinion. I think it would be unfortunate for her to win easily, just as I think it was unfortunate that Joe Lieberman was re-elected in 2006 when a much better Democrat was on the ballot.

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    Don't know about that. When Lamont challenged Lieberman he promised to support the winner of the primary.

  • Good point. I know he has visited Iowa before, but he doesn't seem to come here as often as Santorum. He probably would be a strong candidate on the GOP side.

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    that some people think Democratic incumbents shouldn't be held accountable by their own constituents.

    We had some Iowa House Democrats retire this year, and a couple of them waited until the day or two before the filing deadline to announce their retirement. Leadership didn't want them to go public, because leadership wanted to make sure that only hand-picked Democratic replacements were able to file for the seat. Lame.


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