Sen. Cantwell Endorses Hillary Clinton

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) announced today that she is endorsing Hillary Clinton.

That makes 10 U.S. Senators who have endorsed Hillary, as follows:

*       Indiana Senator Evan Bayh

  •       Washington Senator Maria Cantwell
  •       California Senator Dianne Feinstein
  •       Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye
  •       New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez
  •       Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski
  •       Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor
  •       New York Senator Charles Schumer
  •       Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow
  •       Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

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Did Edwards Campaign Illegally Coordinate with SEIU 527? Updated

AS we all know, the Edwards and Obama camps have been going back and forth about 527's for a little while now.  Both campaigns have tried to position themselves as pure in the area of campaign finance.

Edwards recently asked 527's not to help his campaign, under pressure from Obama who was making an issue of the support that Clinton and Edwards were getting from these groups.

In the final days before the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3, John Edwards has stepped up his criticism of outside organizations that spend money to influence elections, repeatedly disavowing a labor group that is blanketing Iowa with commercials supporting his candidacy.

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Hillary Attacks?

Over the past several weeks there has been much sound and fury in the blogosphere that Hillary Clinton is unfairly attacking Barack Obama, including on this site.  Many Obama supporters are shocked that Hillary Clinton would criticize Obama and are crying foul. Shocked, I say. Of course, when Hillary Clinton noted that she was being attacked she was being a "victim" and playing the gender card.  When Barack Obama gets much milder treatment, it's outrageous, and Obama launches a website devoted to chronicling these so-called attacks.  Why isn't Obama accused of playing the victim?

Please note, all things emphasized are mine, not from the original article.

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Edwards Loses County Chairs in Iowa

According to a new article in next weeks edition of Newsweek, a few county chairs with John Edwards' Iowa organization have jumped ship. We all know that Iowa is all about the organization, and the polls are notoriously difficult to analyze because of the nature of a caucus. That makes organization and the ability to turn out the vote on caucus day critically important, and the county chairs are an integral part of that strategy.

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Gore - Not Running, Not Serving

This is a short diary, but I think it's pretty self explanantory and doesn't require much fleshing out. In an interview on the Today show, Al Gore states (again) that he has no intention of running for president.  Moreover, he states very clearly that he also won't serve in someone cabinet, as Obama suggested he would like.


I doubt whether or not this will dissaude some of the more relentless Gore folks, but there it is.  I thought it was really interesting that Gore says he hasn't spoken with any of the candidates (I assume he means recently).  It looks like he's really trying to stay out of the way, as much as people will let him.

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Why I Don't Support John Edwards

I’ve only been posting here at MyDD for a few months, but I think anyone who had read anything I’ve written knows I am a Clinton supporter. I’ve written that many times, and I’ve also consistently said that I would support the nominee, no matter who it is.  There are real, substantive differences between any Dem currently campaigning and the Republicans, which means that no matter which of our candidates gets the nod, he/she will be better than the Republican alternative. I consider myself a yellow dog Democrat, meaning I’d vote for a yellow dog before I voted Republican

That’s why it is very difficult for me to write a diary that is critical of any Dem, but I have to address what I’m feeling about John Edwards. I am very uncomfortable with John Edwards as a person and as a candidate. Obviously, he has huge support among the netroots and progressives everywhere, but I’m not among his fans, even though I am a progressive.

There are two reasons I don’t support Edwards; the way he runs his campaign and the way he has reinvented himself.

This could be a fairly long diary, so stay with me after the jump.

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New Hampshire in December?

They're killing me.  The Secretary of State in NH, Bill Gardner, is dropping hints that the NH primary may move in to December, and early December at that.  From WaPo:

"I have a lot of discretion," said Bill Gardner, the 16-term secretary of state of New Hampshire, who is invested with what amounts to dictatorial power to set the date under state law. "We are prepared, if it needs to be early December, it can be early December."

Or it may stick to a date in early January. Gardner is still playing coy, though increasingly less so, with his open hints about December.

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Michigan Primary - Obama, Edwards Out, Clinton and Dodd In

Obama, Edwards, Biden and RIchardson have all filed papers with the Michigan Secretary of State's office asking that their names be removed from the ballot in the upcoming January 15 primary. Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Chris Dodd have indicated they will not seek to have their names removed from the ballot.

The primary date is a violation of the rules set down by the DNC which require that Michigan have it's primary no earlier than Feb. 5. The punishment for Michigan is that the DNC will not award any delegates to Michigan at the convention, although that could certainly change once the nominee is locked in.

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SCHIP: Bush was For It Before He Was Against It

As we all are well aware, George Bush has repeatedly threatened to veto the reauthorization/expansion of the popular sCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) funding, which provides health insurance coverage to children from lower-income working class families.  The sCHIP program was passed in 1997 and has enjoyed relatively broad bi-partisan support.  Bush claims that the expansion of the program is a step towards universal health care, which he opposes for some strange reason, and "because it directs scarce funding to higher incomes at the expense of poor families."

However, it is important to note that Bush is doing a flip-flop on this issue, as he was very vocal about his support for expanding sCHIP just 3 years ago, or as CNN termed it, "He was for it before he was against it".

More below the fold.

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The Hypocrisy: Why Craig but not Vitter?

We are all now very familiar with the intimate details of Larry's Craig's bizarre behavior in the men's room at the Minneapolis airport.  There have been rumors that Craig is gay for years on Capitol Hill and in Idaho, but according to Republicans, that isn't really the issue.  The real issue, we are told, is that he was arrested and didn't tell anyone.  He plead guilty, and now claims innocence.

Craig was defiant at a Boise press conference on Aug. 28, saying he isn't gay and denying any wrongdoing in the incident. He said he pleaded guilty in part because he was ``harassed'' by a newspaper that was conducting a ``witch hunt'' about his personal life.

Still, Republican leaders, having lost majority control of Congress last year after a sex scandal involving former Representative Mark Foley, acted quickly to isolate Craig. Senate leaders, including Trent Lott of Mississippi, who used to sing with Craig in a barbershop quartet, forced him to relinquish his committee leadership posts and called for an ethics panel investigation.

Is this the real deal?  I think not.

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