• comment on a post On The Acceptability Of Republican Candidates over 7 years ago

    Actually, I came to a different conclusion entirely.  First, I think that generic poll questions like "which party will you vote for" can't be trusted.  But overall, I think the numbers indicate that people don;t really know as much about the Republicans as they do about the Dems in the race, with the possible exception of McCain (hence his sliding numbers).  I think most people really know very little about Mitt Romney and Guliani.  Romney changes positions every 15 minutes, so that doesn't make it any easier.

    It's easy to like someone when you don't know much about their positions on the issues because the opinion is only based on the superficial.  Once the people get more information about how Romney doesn't really have any core beliefs about the issues and how Rudy is a flake, the numbers for our guys will get much better.  As we get further into the political season, our candidates will be better positioned to point out just how craptacular the Repub field is.


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