Hate Obama? Just come out and say it!

There are a LOT of people around here who seem to hate Obama.  He can do no right and every little thing is just proof positive that he is evil and will lead us to disaster.

And you know what?  I'm okay with that.  This is still a free country and you are entitled to believe WHATEVER you want about WHOEVER you want.

But, please, can you at least be honest about it?

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Wherein I finally commit to support Barak Obama for President

I'm fairly new here so perhaps I should begin by introducing myself.


My name is Dawn, and I am a democrat.  I have been a democrat since late 2003 when I awoke to my liberalness as a result of being deeply inspired by Howard Dean's campaign.  He was the first politician I had EVER donated money to.  He was the first person in over a dozen years to inspire me to even register to vote.  And I registered as a democrat so I would have the opportunity to vote for HIM in the primary.

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Nice little place you got here.

I've been a member of DailyKOS for over 4 years and for some reason, in that entire time, I never actually came over here to take a look around.

With all the division going on over the primary and all the smacktalk being tossed between blue and orange I thought it was a perfect time to come by and take a look around.

It's not bad.  It's a lot like DailyKos actually.  I see a lot of familiar names and cross posted content. One could argue it's a mirror image of DailyKos.  Mostly okay people with a few crazies to make everyone else look bad.

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