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    Hysterical laughter is also a symptom of hysteria.

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    ...is in WHO McCain is talking to.  He's not talking to democrats and he's not talking to independants, he's talking to highly conditioned republicans.  He could say ANYTHING about Obama and it will only reinforce their opinion of him (whether they'd even had that opinion before).

    That is why it won't work.  Because McCain is not living the same world we are, he's living in radical fundy right wing nutcase land, and Independants don't like that.

    Obama on the other hand is speaking to a far broader audience.

  • ...that would cause Lieberman to be a failure in 2 parties.

    Go for the Joe and feel the woe!

  • They have sacrificed their principals and their character to the altar of pride.

    Make no mistake, this is no longer about Hilary Clinton, feminism, or seeing the "will of the people" done.

    This is about the hurt pride of a few people who despise everything Obama is (regardless of whether they even KNOW what he is, besides a black man.  Most everything else is ripped from their twisted imagination entirely.)

    They have become everything we, and at some point THEY, were devoted to fighting.

    God help them and bring them back from insanity.  and the rest can go jump in a lake for all I care.  

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    You are absolutely entitled to express your opinion.

    You are NOT entitled to agreement.

    And yes, this goes for everyone.

  • People will just think that Obama should have picked her.

    THe whole idea that the selection should come BEFORE the vetting is kind of the cart before the horse.  Clinton might as well asked not to be picked at all.

  • ...is feed their ego with a pesonal meeting.

    They feel marginalized and disenfranchised.  But rather than earn their stripes with hard work and putting their votes where their principals are, they instead sulk and whine and throw tantrums.

    The last thing we want is for Clinton to reward that behavior.  If they want to join us in making this a better country than fine, otherwise I say let them sit out on the stoop and sulk.  

    But if they want kudos or recognition THEY are going to have to earn it like everyone else.

  • you really are poisoning the well aren't you?

    It's not that we don't NEED you, we don't want you.  Not because you supported Clinton, but because you're selfish and don't care about the rest of the country.

    Like it or not, this isn't about YOU, this is about US.  Be with us or don't, it's your choice.  but don't expect anyone to miss you if you leave. YOu haven't demonstrated yourself to be anything more than a spoil sport.

  • You talk about the "will of the people" like you have any idea what it means.  The "will of the people" is behind Obama and (like it or not) they'll be behind Biden.

    This attempt to inject Clinton is not about representing the "Will of the people", it's about subverting it.

    It's not even ABOUT Clinton anymore, as she's has constantly advocated for Obama and has celebrated Biden's pick as VP.  This (whatever this is) has taken on a life of its own and become a beast that can not be fed.  It's about the wounded pride of a few people who mistakenly think THEY are the arbiters of the "will of the people".

    It is my hope that the convention will FINALLY bring some measure of closure to the masses and show once and for all what the "will of the people" truly is.  Because after Denver, all you PUMAs and like minded people will have a choice to make.  Will you be able to put your country ahead of your PRIDE?  Or will you vote out of spite?

    I for one, hope it's the former.

  • ...and you say this as the only completely rational person alive, I reckon?

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    And I for one will rejoice.


    That's my delusional VP pick for the week.

  • comment on a post OMG Obama / Moulitsas !?! over 6 years ago

    And I for one will rejoice.


    That's my delusional VP pick for the week.

  • ...that is being presented as a matter of fact.  That, is what we in the real world refer to as "sour grapes" and it has no place in this discussion.

    If they want to bring that point up after November then I welcome them to do so.

    All Wolfson is doing is making Clinton look bad so he can get airtime.  THAT is not exactly admirable or praise-worthy

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    thanks.  I moved, didn't have internet for a whole week, trying to get back into the swing of thigns.

  • And why do you suppose that is?

    One could argue that the ability of, say, one person to see more sexism than another is not an indication that there is more sexism to see, but that the witness can not see anything outside the context of gender.

    I do not spend my life fretting over whether I am treated or viewed equally from men.  In fact I don't spend my life fretting over what others think of me period.  It is enough for me to know I am equal.  It is enough for me to know I am. I don't care what anyone else thinks.

    You'd be surprised how equal the world seems when you keep a good frame of mind.  You should try it some time.


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