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I generally do not click on BlogAds, and generally do not pay attention to them.  However, proving that like billboards, they seep into your consciousness, I vividly remember the blogad that featured a picture of Dr. King, and said that Sirius broadcasting was silencing African-American voices.  I always meant to click on the link, because, I know Dr. King's family would not let his image be used lightly... but I never got around to it. Either way, it was clearly an ad meant to get us alarmed that voices were unjustly silenced.

But, while surfing around on some right wing blogs, I saw something that has given me a little pause...

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Some Questions for Chuck Pennacchio and His Supporters

(Cross posted at Young Philly Politics  This comes on the heels of Barbara Hafer, pro-choice former front runner against Santorum, endorsing Casey, Jr.)

After never seeing him speak in person (although asking him questions on a blogger conference call), I have recently seen Chuck Pennacchio twice; at the Philly For Change Meetup, and at the Neighborhood Networks organizing conference.

I have followed all of the headway that Tim Tagaris has made for the campaign, and for Democrats, with his online outreach (ie, the Social Security Video and more).  And, I respect that Dr. Pennacchio is running, and have joined so many in PA who have called for an open primary.  But, when Dr. Pennacchio came to the Meetup, there were some questions that I wanted to ask him that have been nagging at me for quite a while.  I didn't ask them at the Meetup, frankly, because I didn't want to seem rude to a guy who deserves to have his message heard by a group of activists.  But, anyway, here are my questions, which I hope Tim, Dr. Pennacchio himself, or any of the people he has gained the support of, can answer:

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Take Action: Help Philly Bloggers WIN

I will be working on this for the next few hours, but I'll be back later tonight--Chris

Update [2005-5-16 15:37:17 by DanielUA]: Bob Brigham will be on Inside Politics, (which starts now), discussing Blog regionalization, and quite possibly this race. If you have the ability tape it. If not, and you can watch it, leave a comment as to how it goes....

Many have been following what Tim Tagaris has dubbed "the Philadelphia Phenomenon," which refers to a uniting of bloggers from the small (such as Young Philly Politics), to the big, (such as MyDD), behind a wonderful, progressive, dynamic, reform candidate for District Attorney:  Seth Williams.  While the mainstream media mostly  ignored the race, we refused, and helped create a buzz in Philly for an amazing candidate.

We have held days of action (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), had the Philadelphia Inquirer write about us extensively, and came off-line to hold a fundraiser/happy hour/final week-end kickoff that had at least 40 people on 3 days notice.  (See some photos at Young Philly Politics, and more at Tattered Coat, who gets credit for all the pics.)

Now, with the election one day away, we need your help, no matter where you live.  Can you spend one hour today helping to turn the "Philadelphia Phenomenon" into a model for BlogPac and others, who are trying to create powerful ways to unite local blogs for common causes?  Can you give one hour tonight, and help us WIN?

The how-to manual after the flip.

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Philly Bloggers Go Off-line: Party/Happy Hour/Fundraiser Tonight!

As people like Tim and Chris have noted, Philly bloggers have been accumulating notice about the actions we have been taking for Seth Williams.

Tonight, we go off-line to have fun, meet the illustrious candidate, meet many like minded people (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) and raise a little money for Seth, in the final days before the election.

Come on, come all, it will be a really cool crowd.

Black Sheep Pub
17th, between Locust and Spruce
5:30 to 7PM
Suggested Donation is $25.  If you are a starving blogger type, simply give what you can.

Lets have some fun, and get ready for the final push.

Blog Regionalization: MSM is Paying Attention in Philly

I'm not just promoting this because it is Philadelphia related and I like Seth Williams. Rather, I think this is an excellent example of how local progressive bloggers can engage in collective action. We need more of it--Chris

Over the past few months and weeks, Philly bloggers have independently started doing what Bob Brigham discussed earlier, on his diary on BlogPac: regionalizing.  Given that this is a project that, hopefully, bloggers around the Country are signing up for, I wanted to share what us amatuers are doing in Philly.

And now, the mainstream media is really starting to pay attention. In today's Philadelphia Inquirer, PA's biggest paper by far, there was an extensive story on Seth Williams, insurgent, reform minded, Democratic candidate for DA, and his relationship with a wide variety of Philly bloggers.

Insurgent district attorney candidate Seth Williams can't afford TV or radio ads, but at least he has Rowhouse Logic, Above Average Jane, and Young Philly Politics.

They are three of the local Internet Web logs (blogs) that have taken up Williams' cause in the May 17 Philadelphia Democratic primary with a vengeance, generating volunteers, money and buzz for his campaign.

Much more after the flip...

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Philly Bloggers Unite Day 3: Vote Pledges

Today, in the continuing effort of Philadelphia bloggers to make a real impact in the upcoming District Attorney's race, we are taking part in the third united day of action for Seth Williams (see Day 1, Day 2).  

Today, our goal is simple:  to get as many Philadelphia voters as possible to pledge their vote to Seth.  In an election where turnout will be in the 20's, getting as many people involved and committed to voting will be crucial.

Tim Tagaris has written at the Swing State Project plenty on how important all this is, and the potential that uniting local bloggers carries.  I am sure Chris Bowers has some thoughts on it, as well.  But essentially, we are uniting, and turning our focus inward, in a way that can make a tangible difference.  

What we are doing is asking our readers to take ten seconds and pledge their vote, (let them know Young Philly Politics, MYDD, or your respective blogger sent you), and to commit to sending an email out to their fellow Philadelphia voters asking them to do the same.  (A sample email is at Young Philly Politics.)  Above all else, we are coordinating again to spread the word and tell them to go to, and become a part of the Philadelphia grassroots community that is making waves around the City, and around the blogosphere.

No huge speeches on why we need Seth, most know it by now.  (Just in case- here.)      

And, as the day goes on, the list of blogs that are participating will be updated at Young Philly Politics, and at Philly Future.  Be it by sending emails or writing on your own blog, take action, and become part of the solution.  The national blogosphere, and the Philly media, are watching.

Above all else, pledge your vote today!  

(And if you are not in Philly, and want to volunteer or donate, check out Seth's site.)

Other participating blogs:
Above Avg. Jane
Young Philly Politics
Rowhouse Logic
The Tattered Coat
The West End
America's Hometown
Music For America

Uniting Philly Bloggers get Attention of Mainstream Media

Over the past two weeks, Philly Bloggers participated in two coordinated online days of Action to raise awareness of the really important, and fast approaching, District Attorney Race.  (Day One, Day Two.)  We have the chance to elect Seth Williams, the kind of candidate who really does not appear very often in Philly politics.  As such, we in the Philly blog world are doing what we can.  It may be a model, or rather the first rough blue-prints, of how bloggers can affect change in the future.

In one of the first efforts of local bloggers anywhere to try and make an impact on a local race, we enlisted the support of blogs from the small (such as Young Philly Politics and Rowhouse Logic) to the big (such as Chris's post on MYDD.)

Has it made a difference so far?  Well, at the very least, the mainstream press has taken notice.  In today's Daily News (one of Philly's two major newspapers, and its best for coverage of local issues), there is this:

Upstart candidate for district attorney Seth Williams may not get far with Democratic ward leaders, but he's a hit with Web sites such as "Rowhouse Logic" and "A Smoke Filled Room."


Williams said he met with "Drinking Liberally," a group of reform Democrats who meet weekly in bars, and says he's now getting some cash and volunteers from bloggers.

"I can't compete with her [Lynne Abraham's] money," Williams said. "So if I'm going to run a sort of 'Continental Army against the Redcoats' campaign, it's great to get these spirited followers who'll use technology to get donations and share the message."

The article also has this quote, from a post of mine at Philly Future:  "He stands for everything grass-roots and net-roots activists have demanded Democrats stand for: reform, innovation, real connections to the community, and a fight against the status quo."

What does this all mean? In the grand scheme of things, this is hopefully one shot fired across the bow of local politics, that just as bloggers turned the Social Security debate to our side, and helped national candidates even out traditional money advantages by Republicans, we are now turning our focus to more local issues, as well.

We have two weeks and one day until an election where a true Reform Democrat needs 100,000 votes to send a message all over the Country.

Want to help?

Philly Bloggers Unite Again for Seth Williams, and Why You Should Care

(Partly cross posted from Young Philly Politics)

Last week, in a day that was virtually unprecedented in the blogosphere, Philly activists united to spread the word, and give our collective endorsement to Seth Williams, the terrific candidate for DA.

You didn't think it would end there did you?  A few words, and then we are done?

Today, we unite again.  This time with a specific goal:  signing up volunteers for the campaign. (SIGN UP). All over the blogosphere, people have taken notice of Seth, and for good reason: He stands for everything grassroots and netroots activists have demanded Democrats stand for: reform, innovation, real connections to the community, and a fight against the status quo. More of the same is not good enough. Nor is simply a "D" following your name.

Why Seth?  Why does this matter?  What can you do to help?  

Read on, my friends.

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Philly, drinking, tonight

I need a drink.

Yesterday was surely a day for justice in the Senate!  Wooo!

Strangely though, while I was depressed yesterday, today I am mad, and determined to try and figure out a way we can win. Anyone else want to daydream/strategize about how to use this to our advantage?

Anyway, I know drinking liberally was yesterday, but, I need a beer.  Does anyone else in the liberal-do-gooder blogosphere want to come?  After work, like 5:30 or 6?

McGlinchey's or some place else really cheap?

Nothing makes angry people more cheery than alcohol, after all.

Let me know...

Cross posted at Young Philly Politics.

Dear Senator Kerry:

Hi Senator Kerry,

Can you believe that almost two months have past since the election disaster? I imagine, like many of us, you still cannot figure out how you lost. If only you read this blog over the past few months, you would have seen a painful, but wonderful debate about how all this happened. (You may want to ask Elizabeth Edwards for an update, she seems to be a reader). Whether the awful result was about framing and values, a war President, a timid candidate (you), a Country gone awry, a billion-dollar right-wing infrastructure, voter suppression, the election simply coming two months too soon, or a healthy mix of all of them, no one can be sure.

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