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    What the hell, mine as well go for broke.  I choose the exact opposite of everyone Jerome picks.  

    I dont know how that works in three way races, but, cest la vie.

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    The Eagles are going to be real, real good.

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    From everything I have seen Rep. Miller has been incredibly determined to fight for the good guys, especially on economic issues.  With him and Edwards, its almost like fighting for working class people is something to be proud of.  Who would have thought?

    Good choice, and good match, for each of you.

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    I don't know what the answer is, and I know each of you has a ton on your plate.  But below Jonathan says he reads every comment.  It doesn't neccesarily mean that he has to respond to everyone, but, it would be good to know you are listening, and that there is interaction, and it is 2 way.

    Again, for whatever reason, and it is a chicken and egg thing, Markos prob gets a pass because of the fact that there is such an identifiable community, that mixes in former Presidents with dopes like me.  On sites where that doesn't happen (which would be every single other one there is), I want to interact with people who are posting.  So, it doesn't have any easy solution, except to say that if there is a change, it certainly does not need to mean you answer everything.  But, it is at least good to know that you are reading what people are saying, at least to your own posts.

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    And this can mean nothing at all, but here goes:

    When I go to DKos, and Markos writes something, I never expect him to participate in the discussion.  With hundreds of diaries, I don't expect him to participate in other diaries, either.  But, if someone else posts a diary, be it Meteor Blades, Joe Schmoe, or Wes Clark I don't expect them to run off-  there has to be some interacting.  While I give Markos a mental pass for some reason, he is about it amongst the community bloggers.  I strongly feel that if you want to have a good community, you have to be a part of it, including interacting with your readers.

    At times, I don't think there is that type of interaction here.  It is not consistent, and it is not equal across everyone, but, sometimes there seems to me at least to be a little bit too much disconnect between the front pagers and everyone else.

    My two cents...

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    Yeah, I don't think MBNA Joe could lose to anyone at all in DE.

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    Sounds good.  I am interested in how you plan to make it lasting... I know MoveOn did great work in PA in 2004.  And then they promptly took their lists and went home.  When local progressives wanted to start to focus inward after November, they were left with only the option of creating something from scratch, which has not exactly been easy.

    Will AV be as proprietary?

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    Agreed.  AIPAC does not represent my family, or the Congregation we belong to.

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    I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!

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    Its now back up.  But, it doesn't look like I got a single email all afternoon, including one I sent myself from another account....  Grrrreat.

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    Down for me.

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    "...hey, who stole my underpants?!  Wait, what were we talking about?  Oh yeah..."

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    Forget the 50 state strategy.  

    Our national leaders have instead implemented the 50-Presidential-candidates strategy.

  • Yes he can.

    Federal rules, not CT.

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    I posted this at YPP and Philly Future, and sent an email to a couple of people I know in the district, as well.


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