Paging those Funny Liberals: MockSantorum!

My friend, and fellow Young Philly Politics blogger, Ray Murphy, recently started a wonderful group:  Philadelphians Against Santorum.  Philly Against Santorum (PAS) is a group that is aiming to do what Moveon did in Philly in 2004:  pump local turnout by going door to door, and ensure Santorum goes down in flames.  Ray was the Philly chief for Moveon in 2004, so, he is eminently qualified to undertake such a huge task.

And, now, fellow bloggers, PAS needs your help:  Ray has launched a contest, (with prizes!) and I think many on MyDD and the entire liberal blogosphere would be wonderful participants:  It is called MockSantorum.

First, a little background on PAS.  As Chris Bowers has noted:

This is the smart, reality-based, and progressive response to the Senate race in Pennsylvania. What Ray Murphy is doing is not threatening to take his ball and go home. Instead, he is actually building an organization that will help defeat Santorum not matter who wins the primary, and he is doing to in a way that will make Pennsylvania more progressive in the future. This is exactly the sort of thing that progressives unhappy with Casey should be doing, not deciding to give up after a one-off longshot in the primary.

Maybe this is the gap that is developing online. If we had one Ray Murphy for every hundred people who only took part in the filibuster fight on Alito only after it was over and John Kerry told them to do so, then I wouldn't be in need of further edjamacation.

Ray is merging his off-line and on-line skills, and his connections in Philly to help us build a real movement.  The mockSantorum contest is a great way to have a little fun, and capture more attention as all eyes turn to this race.  In fact, today in the Inquirer, there was an article that is notable for two main reasons.  Check this out:

Only a few political figures outside the White House have generated such strong feelings in modern times, analysts say. Among them: former Sen. Jesse Helms (R., N.C.) and Sen. Edward Kennedy (D., Mass.). In another league, but the same vein: Wisconsin Republican Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who led a hunt for Communist infiltrators in the 1950s, giving his name to the hysteria of an age.

Nobody yet suggests that Santorum will have the same historical resonance as McCarthy - for good or ill - but he's only 47 and already has risen fast.

"There's sort of a smug, self-righteous smirk that he has," said Ray Murphy, who founded Philadelphians Against Santorum. "People want to punch him in the face."

Search for impersonator

Murphy's group is sponsoring a search for the city's top Santorum impersonator to star in a DVD; the winner will be chosen in an American Idol-style contest May 31. The call for entries says that race, age, gender and sexual orientation are not important, but "attitude" is.

OK, so, the mockSantorum contest has already gotten mentioned by Philly's biggest paper, and Ray has been quoted as saying Santorum makes people want to punch him in the face.  But, aside from that little bit of hilarity, the same article mentions this:

America's favorite fictional mob boss, Tony Soprano, quotes him as a moral authority on homosexuality. On UPN's Veronica Mars, a character trying to blackmail gay high school students uses "Rick Santorum" as an alias.

And then there's the disgusting definition for "santorum," coined by a syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, still spreading like kudzu on the Internet.

That's right, Santorum has now hit the mainstream.

Back, however, to mockSantorum.  One thing politicians do not do enough of, is tap into the huge amount of humor that is floating around the internet.    I remember Matt Stoller suggesting that if the Kerry campaign were smarter, they would have had the writers of SNL help them make web ads.  That is what Ray is doing with mockSantorum: tapping into the large amount of creativity that is the mark of liberals.

So, I ask your help:  Recommend the diary if you think it is worthwhile, wake up Bob Johnson and rest of the liberal blogosphere's humor brigade, get out your video cameras, start mocking the biggest horse's ass in the Senate, and help us kick him out in November.


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