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Sometime a year or two ago, Ray Murphy and I had lunch at the Reading Terminal, one of Philly's big meeting places.  He said he wanted to get my opinion on something and voila!, he brought out a proposal that he made to start a group called Philadelphians Against Santorum.  Basically he was going to create a turnout machine, based on voter-to-voter contact, all designed to crush Santorum.

I was impressed by the idea.  But I am also impressed by someone wanting to invent a cookie tree.  Some things you just don't think are realistic.  Anyway, I gave it very little chance to actually happen.  Not because I doubted Ray, but it just seemed like a bizarrely big task, that I couldn't see someone simply deciding to do.

Well, I was wrong.

And today's Philly Weekly cover story, detailing the visit of Dan Savage for a PAS fundraiser, only displays that in big, bold letters:

This week Dan Savage brings his gritty sex-advice column to the Trocadero's stage. The Troc's history as a burlesque house has rarely seemed so appropriate. Savage is coming here specifically to help defeat Rick Santorum.

To some who haven't been reading Savage's column, politics may seem a strange fit with questions about anal sex and sadomasochism, but the self-described political junkie has always integrated the two.


His visit to Philadelphia this week, organized by Philadelphians Against Santorum (PAS), will no doubt bring these two ideas together, but Savage points out it's not exactly his fault his column became so closely associated with the senator. If they were children in a sandbox fighting over a toy--say, a vibrator--little Dan might say, "He started it."

And he did.

Ray, the YPP badass, also shows his gritty side:

Ray Murphy, founder of Philadelphians Against Santorum (PAS), is the yin to Dan Savage's yang. He's as politically passionate, but instead of railing and swearing, he talks sweetly about his West Philadelphia upbringing of yard cleanups and neighborhood activism. He and Savage share a pragmatism and disdain for self-righteous posturing, but Murphy has none of the urgent aggression Savage expresses.

Murphy, 27, has been involved in political activism since he helped form a block association when he was 14.

Ray is such a rebel.  Anyway, check out the full story, which includes two awesome pictures of Ray and Jen Murphy, his non-related, Philly DFA Chair, cohort at PAS.  

And, of course, come to the Dan Savage event:

Savage Love Live! A Benefit for Philadelphians Against Santorum
Tuesday, October 10th
7:30 PM @ the Trocadero Theatre
1003 Arch Street, Philadelphia
$25 donation ($10 student)

To get tickets in advance, and for more details, go to www.phillyagainstsantorum.org

I am continually impressed by what Ray and Jen have done, and proud to have them over at Young Philly Politics.

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