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    Hillary earned that win.

    Obama should have never gone on a premature "victory tour" of New Hampshire.  I think he forgot to let people know how much help he needed, ask people to vote for him, and how important it was to get out and vote for him.

    I cannot agree with you that Obama has never worked for anything.

    I cannot agree with you that his rhetoric is not inspiring.

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    Didn't they get to decide?  I am not convinced that a presidential primary is any better than a caucus.

    Of course, you could contact the DNC and see if they would change their rules for nominating a presidential candidate.

    Before caucuses and primaries, the party establishment would get together at a national convention and just pick someone to run.

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    ...from the Clinton supporters.

    Endorsements for her are wonderful.  Endorsements for anybody else are the kiss of death.

  • ...i feel sorry for you.

  • Ignoring reality on the ground?

    Nobody is dying in Iraq anymore?

    Have we left the country?

    It is quite obvious that the Republican's goal is for us to have our military permanently stationed in Iraq no matter what the situation is.

    It is their policy that if Iraq gets worse then we send in more of our military. And if things get better, we leave the ones we have there because it isn't dangerous anymore.

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    ...based on the idea that there are no options that everyone can agree on.  These are the same old arguments that are intended to divide us.

    But there are things almost everyone agrees on:

    1.  We should leave Iraq soon.

    2.  We should leave Iraq in an orderly way that minimizes the risks to our military personnel.

    3.  We should help train the Iraqi army if they wish, but we can do that outside of Iraq.

    4.  We should provide some amount of financial assistance to repair the infrastructure that we have destroyed during the military operation and occupation.

  • ...is to turn Iraq over to the Iraqis in a reasonable way that gets our military personnel out of the country.

    If their army needs help training their soldiers we can do that somewhere else.

    It is time for them to take responsibility for their own country.

  • ...when Saddam's army surrendered.  The war has been over for years.

    Our military is trapped in a foreign country that we are occupying.

    It is in our best interest to leave.  The public expects our nation's leaders to provide a reasonable way to do that.

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    ...and still think that the public and the press will take you seriously?

    I don't get how that makes you more competitive and more electable.

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    ...the superdelegates will end up choosing whoever wins the most in the primaries and caucuses.

    It is not legitimate to count them in the tally before they cast their votes at the convention.

  • ...this has been going on for months in iowa and new hampshire.

  • ...this has been going on for months in iowa and new hampshire.

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    ...that this map shows that Obama did not do well in Iowa.

    You really think that Hillary would have won all of the counties that Obama won if he wasn't from Chicago?  All those small-state Iowans were just fooled by the big chicago political machine?

    After all, I guess all those rural and small town people want to be just like the big city of Chicago.

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    ...do you really think that the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are that much different than the voters in the rest of the states- especially on the Democratic side?

    Your predictions are based on the idea that people are basically very different in other states and therefore are looking for a very different candidate.

    I don't buy it.

    But, of course, Hillary could win today and prove that Obama does not have widespread appeal.

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    ...would like this whole election to be over and done with...both the caucuses and primaries and the general election.

    They think it has gone on too long already.


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