• i am just afraid there are a lot of people around here that also belong to that wing.

  • ...jerry feingold, russ's second cousin.

  • i guess that means i like conservative republicans.

    who knew?

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    Now feingold is not progressive because he endorsed Obama?

    seriously.  Can this really be considered a serious diary?

    I suppose the witch hunt will continue until there is a nominee.

    And then we can have another witch hunt after we lose the presidential election.

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    Unfortunately, we all know how well the Democrats are at losing presidential elections.  I expect it will be nail-biter at the very end.

  • Bill and Hillary Clinton are smarter than that.

    Of course they knew Bills' fairy tale remark would be code words to many different people.

    Remember...this is the guy who argued what the meaning of "is" is.

    The difference between Hillary and Obama on the Military operation in Iraq is that Hillary is for it and Barack is against it.  The similarity that they have is that they both won't endanger our forces by refusing to provide funding when there is no way the president will ever remove our forces from Iraq.

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    ...people said Obama could never win because black people won't vote for him.

    Now they say only black people will vote for him.

    Either way, of course, Hillary always wins.

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    ...it would be unseemly for the Speaker of the House of Representatives to endorse a Democratic candidate before he or she wins the nomination.

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    ...and having a freshman democratic congresswoman, I have to agree with you.  Hillary at the top would likely do damage and the other two people would not.

    In our district, republicans and independents tend to respect and like Obama and Edwards.  They do not like Hillary at all.  And, of course, there are the Democrats in the district that feel the same way and would be embarassed to openly support her in any way.

    Some people think that Hillary is worth the risk.  I don't.

    Some people think this is anecdotal.  But this has been my experience of living in eastern Kansas.

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    ...and end this whole primary and caucus process.

    Of course Hillary would have a lot of superdelegate support.  Just think of how many elected Democrats owe something politically to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  • isn't hillary winning everything now?

    that's what a winner does.  And winners compete everywhere.

  • ...they are not happy that they didn't win in New Hampshire.  That result would have been terrible for Hillary.

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    ...in order to win the nomination you have to participate in the primaries and caucuses.  You people are overanalyzing this whole thing.

    The idea of not competing and then somehow miraculously winning by lowering expectations is just ridiculous.

    If Clinton and Obama want to be serious candidates, they need to compete in every legitimate primary and caucus.  I thought they were in this to win, not just in this to win only what states they think they have already won.

  • on a comment on Lets see it over 6 years ago

    you just outlined Clinton's national campaign.  As history shows, it has a good chance of succeeding.

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    ...who the establishment prefers and who an elected politician feels they owe something to.  It is important in these respects.

    but...they will end up voting at the convention for whoever wins the most delegates in the primaries and caucuses.

    If it comes down to the superdelegates actually choosing the nominee at the convention, then we are not in good shape as a party.

    I wouldn't put too much stock in these superdelegate endorsements.


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