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    ...connecticut and delaware and that pesky "little" state called New Mexico that is virtually a tie?

    Hillary underperformed on Tuesday.  But due to her establishment connections, she still has to be favored to win.

    But...her statement that Obama only won states the a Democrat will never win in the general election was disheartening to any democrat in a midwest, plains, or mountain west state.

    It certainly was downright insulting to those people who took time out of their day to vote or attend a caucus in one of those states.

    I am sure it played well, however, in DC, the northeast, and California.

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    You don't like Kathleen.

    But please don't confuse reaching out to republican voters with capitulating to bad ideas from republican politicians.

    It is very important that while criticizing republican politicians that we don't appear to be demonizing and insulting republican voters.  These entities are different things.

    Living in Kansas, I have never seen Kathleen capitulate to the Republicans in the legislature.  And she never insults republican voters.

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    just because she is trying to reach out to all americans and isn't just preaching to the choir.

    If you didn't notice it, she did give a partisan response but didn't use partisan tones to accomplish it.  She basically said that the country has moved on to a Democratic Majority and told the president that you can either join us or get left behind.

    I think she did a great job.

    I think you might have thought so too if she was endorsing Hillary today instead of Barack.

  • I can't blame them for doing it, but it really shows how addicted to power they are.

    Straight out of the republican playbook.  I guess they thought some of those Republican ideas were pretty good.

    Too bad Barack can't cry to save his candidacy like Hillary did.

  • ...generic ballot polling.

    Democrats are not winning by a mile.

  • ...that has been the problem.

  • Seriously?

    Because their lives have been so full of suffering and deprivation?

  • the attitude says it all.

  • Yes.  That is a big fear about Hillary.  She doesn't seem to be putting together a broader coalition of voters than the Democrats have had for the last 20 years.

    Of course the Hillary supporters will claim that women will overwhelmingly support her at the ballot box.  And this will cause a landslide election.

    But will those just be votes for her to make political history? Or will it be an actual political coalition based on uniting an electorate to move the country in a particular direction?

  • 20% of republicans will vote for Hillary?

    I guess you are predicting a landslide in November.

    Does she lose any states in this scenario?

  • that is going to take me awhile to digest.

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    ...McCain will be very hard for any Democrat to beat in November.  It won't be a cakewalk for him, but he will be hard to beat.

    Hillary will have a hard time beating him.

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    I don't hate her.  I just don't think she is a good representative for the party.

    obviously, many democrats think she is.

    But, in the region of the country where I live, it will be very hard to campaign as a Democrat with her at the top of the ticket.

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    ...in a caucus, you award delegates based on caucusing.  There is no "popular vote" since it is not an election.

    I do not understand why the Nevada Democratic Party reported that number out unless they wanted to make the point that Hillary had more supporters show up at the caucuses.

    Of course, it is not good for Obama that he didn't have more caucus supporters than Hillary.  So...he can't really spin it as a win in any way.

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    ...another entry from Jerome on how Obama's candidacy is doomed.

    He may be right, but he needs to give it a break.  His gal is going to win and that will be the end of all this "change" nonsense.

    Let the party continue.


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