• Hillary came close in Georgia?

    what part of Georgia was that?

    Obama was not supposed to win any northeastern state or California.

    And he definitely was not supposed to win in Missouri.

  • Hillary is not likely to win Tennessee in a general election.

    Let's remain in the realm of reality here.

  • ...that your statistics are from democrats (and maybe some independents) voting in a democratic primary and choosing between 2 democratic candidates.

    It is hard for me to believe that older, white, working class democratic voters are going to choose McCain over Obama in the general election.

    I think they will support and vote for Obama in the general election, but they would just prefer to have Clinton as the democratic candidate.

  • In what world have you seen independents in large numbers voting for Hillary Clinton?

    I don't buy it.

  • Hillary can not afford to pick Obama as her vp choice.  A presidential candidate does not want to pick someone who speaks so much better than her for a vp spot.

    Obama can not expect Hillary to accept a vp position.  She would definitely consider that as not good enough.

    Hillary can not expect Obama to sacrifice his future senate career at the age of 46 for the dead end vp slot- especially with Bill Clinton also in the white house.

    I do not see how the two of these people would ever fit together on a presidential ticket.

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    You seemed concerned about female elected officials:

    Sebelius is the second female governor.
    She was the Insurance commissioner (this is a statewide elected office) for 8 eight years before being governor.  She won that election in the horrible republican year of 1994.  Before that she was a state legislator for a district in Topeka.

    The first female governor was Joan Finney (D) 1990-1994.

    We had a female senator for about 12 or 18 years:  Nancy Landon Kassebaum (R).  She was very popular amongst both Republicans and Democrats.  She would fit into the  category of something like Lincoln Chafee, Olympia Snowe, Jim Jeffords, Dwight Eisenhower, etc.

    There have been quite a few elected statewide offices held by women.

    I do not see a bias against electing woman to statewide office in Kansas.  In some ways, they seem to have a bit of an advantage in that they are generally viewed more favorably than male candidates.

    Hillary Clinton, however, is not viewed favorably.

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    She won about 58% of the vote for re-election.

    The state is overwhelmingly republican. But even overwhelmingly republican states, given the right candidate and right circumstances, will elect democratic candidates, just as Massachussetts elects republicans.

    Kansas registration is about like this:

    50% republican
    25% unaffiliated and others (do not assume that these voters lean Democratic)
    25% democratic

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    obama set up campaign staff in Kansas about 6 to 9 months ago.  I assume she had resources at the time to do the same.

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    Do you live in Kansas?

    Do you know people in Kansas?

    Did you caucus in Kansas?

    Hillary chose not to compete.  I assume that she either thought she could not win there or she just didn't care about the democratic voters there.  Either one is insulting.

    Simply because there so many republicans in Kansas, most democrats there have a very good idea of what the republicans think about the democratic candidates.

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    Hillary does not have a problem with independents and republicans?

    I don't believe that you are not aware of this.

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    where was the wine?  I missed it at my caucus.

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    they will likely agree on one debate before texas and Ohio.

    one debate per week is not even close to a serious suggestion.  Nobody can seriously think that either of them can take that much time off from campaigning and meeting voters.

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    I mean continuously.  only a five minute break every hour.

    that way they wouldn't have to meet any of the voters.

    One debate a week?  that is a ridiculous suggestion.

    There are only 3 debates for the general election.

    And I think 18 has already been plenty.

    I assume they will do one debate before the Ohio & Texas stuff.

  • ...lost every election.

    This is the irony of today's Democratic Party:

    For getting the democratic nomination at this point, i would still be more comfortable if I was Hillary Clinton.

    For winning the general election, I would be more comfortable if I was Barack Obama.

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    ...to anyone who lives in those states.

    as was Hillary's comment about them also.

    No wonder national democrats have a hard time winning them.


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