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    ...and couldn't possibly be a serious comment.

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    I have to agree with this.

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    ...with that request on mydd.

    any smear against obama seems to be fair game on this site.

  • ...the original superdelegates are called the Electoral College in the constitution.

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    This is not plagiarism in any serious way.

    I suppose he was supposed to cite Jefferson, FDR, and Lincoln in his speech too.

    And maybe add in the webster dictionary.

    I saw the news segment that ABC did on this last night.  It was devastating to Senator Clinton.  It made her look desperate- especially when it showed her using lines from both Obama and John Edwards.

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    What country have you been living in for the past 20 yearss?

  • I agree you need party building in Georgia.

    But you aren't the only ones.

    And I would be suprised if you think that Hillary would be beneficial to down ballot candidates in Georgia.

    I think we can both agree that Hillary needs to display her appeal to voters in areas that aren't overwhelmingly democratic.

    Perhaps tennessee and oklahoma count for that, but I suppose I am as unconvinced about that as you are unconvinced by Barack's wins in the midwest, mountain west, and south.

    I am not worried about Barack being able to win states like New York and California in the general election.

  • It sounds like we live in the same place...except that the republicans do not hate Obama.

    I do, dear, remember Dukakis.  He would be another loser that I have been forced to vote for.  People did not hate Dukakis, they just thought he was a loser.

    I also remember Jimmy Carter and even though I love the man I will never forget how the "farmer president" embargoed our wheat crop to russia.  People did not hate Jimmy, they just thought he wasn't up to the job.

    Yes, the "republicans" will slime our democratic candidate- just like they have slimed every democratic candidate in history.  Both Hillary and Barack will have slime on them.

    I think Barack is worth the slime.  I know that he won't be able to accomplish everything he wants to.  I know all our hopes and dreams will not be fulfilled.

    I don't think Hillary represents the best that our party has to offer and I will not choose her over Barack just because I don't expect her to accomplish anything and therefore I won't be disappointed when she actually does something.

    I am not the naive little boy you think I am.

  • Have you talked to any republicans about Obama?

    and, yes, good communication skills is very important to moving public opinion and moving legislation through congress.

    JFK and FDR are two examples that come mind.  Both were considered lightweights when they started.  And, of course, there was a guy named Abe Lincoln also.

    Skeletons?  I guess we should never elect any new politicians because they might have some unknown skeleton in their past?

  • Campaigning in republican states is part of a 50 state strategy.

    Not running a national campaign is not a 50 state strategy.

    He won those caucuses by visiting and running campaigns in those states.  Those wins did not just fall into his lap.

  • if the party really wants to continue to follow the losing election strategy that they have had for the past 35 years, well, more power to them.

    We all know how those elections end.

    The Democrats have been given the gift of a politician who speaks well, is respected by the opposition, and can probably move public polling numbers instead of following them.  If they want to pass all of that up...well...that really is sad.

  • but I think she will have a hard time running a 50 state strategy- simply because Democratic representatives in many districts in the midwest and mountain west will not want her to come visit their states.

    I have noticed that people from overwhelmingly democratic areas underestimate the negative feelings for the Democratic Party that Hillary tends to bring to Independent and Republican voters.

  • if Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy is just to win one more state than Kerry did, I am worried about her chances in the general election.

    We need to really reach out in this election- we have the chance for a big victory that would change the whole political landscape in DC.

  • Hillary will be a tough sell in most areas of missouri.

    I think this is the point that Claire McCaskill was making with her endorsement of Obama.

    Either her or Obama will need to spend time outside of KC and St. Louis (mostly in River towns) to even dream of winning the state.

    I think it is easier for Obama to have the freedon to do this more than Hillary simply because of the strong showing that he has already made in KC and St. Louis.  I would expect that Hillary will have to spend an inordinate amount of time in KC and Columbia to shore up the Democratic vote there- they will likely be her democratic weak spots in MO.

  • is very important.

    my worry with Clinton is that she won't even campaign there.


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