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    ..that no matter what Jerome Armstrong thinks personally in regards to Clinton and Obama, that he has decided to professionally be "over the top" in his support for Clinton.  He has also professionally committed himself to providing a place where Clinton supporters can congregate.

  • I hope she doesn't, but i think she will take this to the convention.  If she hasn't admitted that she can't or won't win at this point, what in the world is going to change that between now and the convention?

    The history of our politics for the past decade has been that the most unreasonable scenarios are what actually occur, so I now expect that she will continue on until the convention.  The whole time she will claim that she is helping Democrats by keeping the race "energized" and boosting viewership of the convention.

  • ...history has proven there is no line that Hillary will not cross.

    She will always fabricate some reason for her to soldier on as long as she personally wants to continue.

    Everyone keeps assuming that she will do the reasonable thing, but I have seen no present or past evidence to indicate that she will.

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    I agree that this is the problem with her staying in the race.

    To stay and not do damage to our nominee, she needs to only concentrate on helping to define and criticize John McCain.  Anything else will just be destructive for the fall campaign.

    They were plenty of times that many Democrats did not agree with Bill and Hillary Clinton's escapades, but for the good of the party, they stuck behind them.  It is now time for the Clinton's to return the favor.

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    You cannot choose how the democratic party chooses its nominee.  The nominee is chosen by delegates, not the popular vote.

    and please don't forget that the popular vote total is not a very viable tabulation.  Some caucus states do not post popular vote totals.  And even throwing caucus totals and primary totals together is not a viable popular vote tally.

    Of course, it is legitimate for you to decide not to vote for the nominee based on the fact that you think the nominee was chosen unfairly due to Democratic Party rules.

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    ...until Barack takes the lead in superdelegates.

    These are the people that are supposed to deliver the nomination to her, right?

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    I suppose she needs to stay in for awhile and recoup from her supporters some of the money that she borrowed from herself.

    That would be the experienced political thing to do.

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    ...is going to last a long time for the clinton campaign.

  • it has been painfully obvious for the last two months that that is just too much to ask.

  • ...to only include the "states that matter".

    and I don't know why Hillary cares about winning Indiana.  After all, it is one of the states that didn't matter in her book until after she won it.  But, I guess, since she almost lost it, it doesn't matter again.

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    ...a broader base with general the population, she seems to be overlooking the fact that she does not have a broader base amongst those who are choosing the nomination for the democratic party.

    Black votes don't count less than white votes;  we aren't operating under a 3/5ths law here.

    If she wants to start another political party of her own, she is fully entitled to do that.

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    When you have lost the contest, you have lost the contest and have to accept who is going to win.

    If Hillary thinks that Barack is not acceptable, she should just decide to run as an independent in the general election.  Otherwise, she needs to "suck it up" and deal with the fact that someone else is going to win the nomination- even if she thinks this person will lose.

    At this point, if she wants to stay in the race, that is fine.  Mike Huckabee did the same thing.  But, to continually degrade and insult who is going to be the democratic nominee is just selfish and destructive to the chances of Barack becoming our next president.

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    ..to note the day that Wright threw Obama under the bus.

  • ...in primary states either.

    as far as the caucuses go, I think that Hillary assumed that the establishment would dominate those contests and that they would easily go her way.

    She failed to notice that the caucuses tend to occur in states where she is not very popular amongst Democrats.  And she failed to comprehend the high level of turnout that overwhelmed her supporters in the caucuses; here in the Kansas caucuses, there were locations where she did not even meet the 15% threshold.

  • ...in some states.

    however, I really don't know what point there would be to that because the turnout levels are so different and the different contests tend to occur in different regions of the country.

    some state parties use caucuses to determine how to allocate delegates; some use primaries to allocate delegates.  I tend to think that they are both legitimate.


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