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    ...but no one in the midwest considers any part of pennsylvania to be a part of the midwest.  And I seriously doubt that any one in Pennsylvania thinks they live in a midwestern state.  There is no confusion amongst the people who actually live in these places.

    It is just plain sloppy writing and journalism.

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    ...pennsylvania is not a midwestern state.

    I have heard the washington and new york news people repeatedly talk about pennsylvania being in the midwest.

    For heaven's sake, not only was Pennsylvania a colony, it was where the continental congress met, and contained the nation's capitol.  No body who lives in the midwest would ever consider anyone who lives in pennsylvania to be midwesterners.

    I am not debating or degrading the content of the post, but there needs to be some integrity regarding the use of historical and geographical terminology.

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    ...but the polling points are reality.

    McCain's overall line still looks flat to me.

    and Obama's overall line still seems slightly tilted up.

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    I don't think the softball elimination is a gender issue.

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    Obama will not have Bill Clinton announce his running mate for him; to think otherwise is just absurb.  And Obama will not be speaking to the convention on Wednesday night.

    And...the idea that Hillary Clinton would speak twice at a convention where Obama will only speak once is equally absurb.

    Obama will announce his own running mate before the convention and Bill Clinton will give a "torch-passing speech" before the vp nominee speaks on wednesday night.

    Hillary will speak on tuesday night as they have said.

  • ...with calling Democrats in Kansas "DINO"'s.

    I find that to be a derogatory term that, in general, does not apply to these elected representatives.  They rarely, if ever, talk badly about the Democratic party.

    I consider them solid Democrats that instead of taking the easy road of being elected as Republicans, they decided to get elected the hard way in Kansas by running as Democrats.

  • ...will be very hard for Slattery to win.  Although, I suspect that Slattery will do better than expected.

    The point of that race is to prepare the state for Kathleen Sebelius (the current governor) to run for senate in 2010.

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    I would not put much faith in this polling.  If Nancy Boyda hangs on to win re-election, it will be by a narrow margin.  Even though people may approve of her, I still suspect that they would prefer to have a republican doing the job instead of her.  And that Lynn Jenkins (more of a traditional moderate republican) would be the harder candidate for Boyda to beat.

    As far as Kansas overall voting for Obama,  I do not think there is much chance of that- although I do think he will win more counties than Kerry(John Kerry only won in two counties).

    I do think it is possible for obama to get around 45% of the vote statewide.

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    ...this comment is just ridiculous.

    I would say that most Obama supporters like him because they love their country.

  • You are confusing state-run elections with political party procedures and operations.

  • ...that clinton wants to count the votes from Puerto Rico, a territory, for the popular vote but conveniently forgets that most caucuses, in actual states, do not report out a popular vote.

    so...she includes puerto rico, but leaves out Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Iowa, Wyoming, Nebraska, Idaho, Washington, Maine, etc.

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  • It was fully within the power of the state parties to conduct a party primary or caucus that would have fully met with party rules.  There is no reason that an election or caucus conducted by a political party has to follow state election laws.

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    They have each decided to publicly support a different major candidate on their sites- and then have exagerrated their support with extreme rhetoric.

    so...let's judge them on that.

    Kos tends to make grandiose, sarcastic pronouncements that, because Obama is winning, seem to eventually become the conventional wisdom.  There is rarely any confusion, however, that his comments are exaggerated and are not necessarily to be taken at face value.

    Jerome tends to make wonky, detailed declarations that, because Clinton is losing, eventually get proven wrong.  There is also usually some confusion, however, to how much he is exaggerating.

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    unfortunately...if Obama did this...they would probably conclude that he was being pratronizing.  They would conclude that he decided that she can't defend herself because she is a woman.


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