• Unfortunately, this is not generally the way that private business works.  To promote this, the government would need to provide funding to cover the cost of adding more full-time employees.

    Or, of course, the government could pass a 35 hour work week and actually enforce the labor laws.

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    honestly, I know they don't want to go there, but there is probably going to have be some sort of jobs program- i.e., people, employed by a WPA type of program, that are involved in doing work that will last for a set period of time- and will be public investments in america's infrastructure and culture.

    The private sector is probably not going to be able to deliver on the jobs front in a real way for the next 5 years.

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    ...they are negotiating for that pre-conference agreement, that they will be agreeing to vote for the final bill if it doesn't contain a public option.  I know this can't be the case.  So, who cares about what they are requesting?

    this just sounds like a bunch of grandstanding that will come to nothing.

  • don't worry- the senate finance committee is going to pass their bill.

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    ...and just ready for congress to do something.

    honestly, at this point, I think congress could pass whatever they want- as long as they pass something.

    of course, in the end, they will need to pass something that works.

    this is their window to do that.  People are tired of hearing the debate on both sides.

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    ...because a fair number of democrats in washington really would have preferred that they did not have to deal with health care at all- it is mostly just a big bother to them.

    and many are just generally upset with Obama because he is making them deal with it anyway.  He has sort of boxed them in.

    Of course the big issue is whether they are more concerned about making our nation better or just about winning elections.  Some times these goals coincide; some times they do not.  Obama has boxed the fence-sitters in on this now.  If the bill does not pass, they will lose the mid-term election due to poor democratic turnout; if it does pass and the bill is unpopular, they will lose anyway.

    The fence-sitters have never even entertained the notion that getting a good bill to pass might be a winning strategy.

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    what a bizarre comment for him to make.

    I know he is talking about the deficit, but why in the world does the US getting into EU even enter his mind?  Who in the world is even remotely thinking about that?


  • ...i do not want to relive the clinton presidency.

    Truthfully, I think he was a good Democratic president that was stuck governing during a conservative economic era and so his lasting legacy is that he kept the crazy people from destroying everything from the New Deal and the Great Society.

    And I thank him wholeheartedly for that.

    The man had such great talents, but he could not take the job seriously enough to control his personal behavior.

    I do not want to relive the dismantling of "welfare as we know it".

    I do not want to relive "monica" and her dress.

    I do not want to relive the health care debacle or "don't ask don't tell.

    I do not want to relive the republican revolution or newt gingrich.

    and I do not want to relive "I did not have sex with that woman".

    yes, I would prefer to relive the era of progressive economic policies with FDR, JFK, and LBJ.

    Bill Clinton was president, but it has been over now for almost a decade.

  • I am sure he never sets any preconditions to his interviews.

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    why should he even let them ask him a question like that?

    The problem with Bill is that he thinks no one could ever do anything better than him and then he indicates that to the press.

    Even with his positive responses, he always seems to indicate that it is all about him and the news people love it.

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    In general, they want it to pass, but they know it will pass without their votes.

    so...there is little real incentive for them to vote for it.

    They are going to vote against it because they just generally do not believe in spending money on public investment projects.

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    ..that a Democratic bill that puts Bush in the position of wanting to veto it would be best both politically and practically.

    But, no matter how much the public may want to punish the companies that have screwed the country, it will be very hard to both punish them and shore up the financial industry at the same time.

    Republicans are disadvantaged on this issue because the public will punish them at the voting box if they are seen to be catering to the powerful and the wealthy- and almost any bill that addresses financial institutions will probably appear as a "bailout" of some sort.

    Any solution will have to be Democratic bill that relies almost solely on Democratic votes.  The main issue is timing- there just is a limited amount of time to both craft legislation and campaign for the november election.

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    You are not seriously suggesting that our government should do nothing, are you?

    I can't think of a more risky scenario than just letting all the chips fall like they did in 1929.

    And I do disagree with your notion that whatever bill might be passed will prevent further progressive legislation.  In fact, history indicates that this crisis will probably provide an impetus for major progressive legislation.

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    Really?  After supporting both Gore and Kerry?

    I would say that the only states on this list that might be close on election day are Indiana and Ohio.

    Michigan and Pennsylvania are going to stick with the Democrats in 2000 and 2004 and then pick the Republicans in 2008?  I would never place a bet on that happening.

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    I do understand that people can live in one place and actually be from somewhere else.

    And that there can be cultural, religious, and racial differences from one part of state to another.

    but...there is an objective reality here when it comes to geography and geographical regions.


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