Barack Obama Quote of the Day!

"I find the manner in which they've been running their campaign sort of depressing, lately. It was interesting in the debate, Sen. Clinton saying 'Don't feed the American people false hopes. Get a reality check, you know?' I mean, you can picture JFK saying, 'We can't go to the moon, it's a false hope. Let's get a reality check.' It's not, sort of, I think, what our tradition has been."

-- Sen. Barack Obama, in a forthcoming interview on Good Morning America, about Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign.

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BREAKDANCIN': Bill O'Reilly to endorse Hillary?

Apparently Bill O'reilly is now campaigning with Hillary Clinton at events in New Hampshire. The following footage is from a Hillary event in New Hampshire earlier today. It is unclear when the endorsement could come. fo

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Hillary Booed at NH Democratic Party Dinner

Things seem to be getting worse for Hillary in New Hampshire. Hopefully she can steady the ship in the coming days but the  initial signs are not good per the blog post reproduced below from 01/hillary_booed_at_nh_democratic.html.

Her attempts to recast herself as a change agent could be backfiring because they ring hollow to democrats after her emphasis on experience.

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Survivor- MyDD Edition/ MyDD Pool games?

Could we play MyDD survivor where at the end of each week we ban someone and toss them off for ridiculous diaries and insults galore? I think that could be fun.

Whoever gets the most votes has to leave.

An alternative would also be to vote for the favorite posters. We could also have "all star teams" for each major candidate.

Also will we have some sort of "pool" where we forecast the percentages in Iowa and NH etc and a prize for the winners?? we could also do this for the republicans.

I think this could be fun and we could use some levity amidst the increasing tension..

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Obama is the most electable candidate (new poll)

I am not one who believes in these electability polls but since Hillary and Edwards supporters have been regurgitating such polls for months I thought I would diary a brief mention of the latest Zogby head to head match up polls which have Obama as the best performing candidate who could defeat all potential republicans in head to head match ups. Hillary would lose to McCain, Huckabee and Giuliani (even allowing for margin of error) while Edwards would be unable to defeat McCain in a very close election. In Obama's case:

Obama leads Romney 53%-35%   
Obama leads Huckabee 47%-42%   
Obama leads Giuliani 48%-39%   
Obama leads McCain 47%-43%   
Obama leads Thompson52%-36%

I do believe- my gut not a poll- that Obama is the most electable candidate because he can appeal more to independents or voters who go with the Republicans one time and then Democrats another (there are a lot of these voters by the way..).

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Hillary's new mudslinging? Attack campaign web sites!

I kid you not! This is getting out of hand! From ABC:

ABC News has learned that the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., has registered the names of two Web sites with the express goal of attacking her chief rival, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

It's the first time this election cycle a presidential campaign has launched a Web site with the express purpose of criticizing a rival. and are domains hosted by the same IP address as official Clinton Web sites, such, which was launched with much fanfare this week.

For entire story see: story?id=4032659&page=1

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Bob Kerrey apologizes for comments

Well as could be foreseen former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey has apologized to Senator Barack Obama.

Obama has accepted the apology.

The AP story by my nemesis Nedra Pickler includes the following quote:

"What I found myself getting into in Iowa - and it was my own fault - it was the wrong moment to do it and it was insulting," Kerrey told the AP. "I meant no disrespect at all." /D8TL2V601.html

I don't think this story has much more to offer.

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Endorsements: Most important outstanding (DM Register Saturday?)

Sludge is stating the Des Moines Register will be endorsing late saturday.

I think this is a fairly important endorsement. The other two endorsements that I think could be very helpful to candidates are Al Gore and Tom Harkin.

Any other important ones missing? (I am talking big ones)

I don't believe Michael Moore will endorse as it would be counterproductive with the public at large (though it would mean something to me).

If for example Hillary gets the register and Harkin that would really be a boost to hear campaign.

I could see the Register going with John Edwards though as being the candidate who most "understands" Iowans and knows Iowa.

I can't think of any huge outstanding endorsements for New Hampshire but I could easily be missing something.

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Today's Prediction- Iowa Caucus

I will now begin my predictive analysis which will culminate with the master prediction.

Current Iowa Prediction:

1. Hillary Clinton Odds of winning: 60%

  1. Barack Obama Odds of winning: 30%
  2. John Edwards Odds of winning: 10%

More odds:

Odds of Hillary getting over 50%: 0%
Odds of snow on caucus day: 20%
Odds of at least one candidate dropping out after Iowa: 100%
Odds of this diary being taken down: 50%

I think while Obama is doing well Hillary is a very tough opponent and its going to take a little more for Obama to get enough caucus goers to support him and allow him to overtake Hillary. However, Obama is going to be focusing all his time the next few days in Iowa.

Feel free to add your own odds......

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"Why is HRC stooping So low?"

Not my words but those of Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's former Secretary of Labor, who refers to Hillary as his old friend. I have to agree with this piece copy pasted below (forgive me if my formatting is off) he wrote for his blog. Saying things like "Now the fun begins.." about attacking Obama is very poor form besides being counterproductive. I take note that Reich's assesment is that Obama's plan would insure more people, that Hillary is kicking the Social Security issue to a comission, and questions Hillary's resorting to attacking the courage of Obama of all people.

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