Al Gore to endorse Barack Obama?

There are rumblings that an Al Gore endorsement for Barack Obama could be forthcoming. Not sure if this has been posted on MyDD yet. I think an Al Gore endorsement before super tuesday could be important because - combined with Kerry, Ted Kennedy and many others- it could lend some heft to the Obama candidacy.

I wrote a diary about endorsements a few months ago and I always thought the more important ones were Teddy and Al. There seemed to be agreement at the time that neither of them would endorse but Teddy has and Al could be next.

I think these endorsements are more important for Obama than Hillary. They mean more to him because they demonstrate that party leaders believe he has the necessary experience but more importantly perhaps they send a signal to the party faithful that this is a serious guy worth a long look.

I have reproduced a post from DailyKos which alerted me to the possibility of this endorsement. I will be at the Obama event with Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy tomorrow here in Washington DC. I have to say I'm looking forward to it!

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Obama raising 500K+ per hour after SC win

One of the important results stemming from Obama's resounding victory over Hillary Clinton's barrage of lies is the impact it will have on fundraising. Campaigns cost money and he needs a lot of it to continue acquiring delegates. Early indications are fairly positive and are reproduced below.

Its doubtlessly true that supporters of Obama are energized by the victory and will redouble their efforts with respect to donations.

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Jonathan Alter: "Attacks on Obama insult voters.."

So here we have more coverage. This time its not Time but Newsweek. A piece by Jonathan Alter who I am sure will be discredited withing five minutes. Its always shoot the messenger time around here. Wouldn't want to think about what he's writing! No! He's the mainstream media! Oh yeah and lets get in some insults on people who shop at Wholefoods while we're at it!

We've seen stories in the AP also about basically what amounts to the Clinton's strategy for saying anything and telling us many lies, distorting as many points, sinking as low as they possible can all in order to reclaim the White House. Basically we are seeing stories all over in what amounts to a backlash over the Clinton's slash and burn lie and cheat path to the White House.

The arrogance and hypocrisy being exhibited by the Clintons- and their supporters - just boggles the mind. We are used to seeing this from George W. Bush- with his "I have a mandate" crap- but at least he had won reelection! The Clintons meanwhile who haven't won anything yet are already exhibiting unimaginable levels of hubris. How dare anyone challenge their claim to the White House!

Can you imagine what 8 years under the Clintons is going to look like? Shudder the thought

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Joe Klein: Are you kidding me (Bill Clinton)?

I suppose people will either question my credibility or more likely that of Joe Klein but it is interesting that all sorts of journalists  in the mainstream media are questioning Bill Clinton's statements and the campaign of Hillary Clinton for what can only be termed smears, lies and hypocrisy in their approach to winning back the White House.

The Clintons will say anything to get elected. They will do anything. They will lie and they will cheat. They will play gutter politics.

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"South Carolina is the African American primary"??

I am a little disturbed at some of the comments I am reading on this site about South Carolina including the one I just posted as the title of this diary. ANother Hillary supporter has posted "Will Obama just go away if we let him win this one?"

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Rep. Clyburn tells Bill to "..chill a little bit"

From CNN it appears that Bill's continued lies about Barack Obama are starting to take their toll. Clyburn has of course said he will not endorse but I think the Clintons are pushing him to getting about as close to unofficially endorsing Obama as possible.

Read below from CNN:

(I take note I think CNN must have transcribed the statement incorrectly. It really only makes sense if its "But you CAN do that in a way that won't engender the kind of feelings that seem to be bubbling up as a result of this.")

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Barack Obama needs our help! Please donate! (4th UPDATE)

Since I see a bunch of "donate to Edwards" diaries (all pretty similar) I thought I would put one up for my main man Barack "The RAWK" Obama!

Campaigns cost money so please help out! I gave him $50 two weeks ago so I am tapped out particularly since I just bought the AC DC Bonfire box set (so excited!) but please help out!

Please go donate to !

I'm too lazy to add the "Obama is the only guys who will do this.." and "America is about to go down the crapper so please help elect Obama..." boilerplate but you've all seen it.

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NH weather tomorrow ideal for high turnout!

Well just wanted to note the weather forecast for New Hampshire tomorrow is ideal for high turnout. It will be about as warm as it gets in New Hampshire this time of year with highs about 53-55 and lows of 42.

There is very little chance of any serious precipitation

People are not going to have the weather as an excuse to avoid voting!

Given the election on both the democratic and republican side and the the nice weather one has to guess turnout is going to be very high.

I will avoid drawing any conclusions on the impact of this on the election results in order to avoid incurring anyone's wrath as I have done enough of that today unfortunately.

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Hillary Clinton to end her campaign for President?

Don't shoot the messenger but according to Drudge the Hillary campaign is talking about exiting the campaign amid collapsing numbers. APparently there is a debate going on within the Clinton campaign. The issue is how badly does she want to be embarassed?

A Hillary exit would be exactly what John Edwards is hoping will happen. Maybe Edwards tag team was not so crazy after all.

I wonder how bad a defeat she can take in New Hampshire. What is Obama gets 50% and Hillary comes in third? At some point she will not be able to continue.

I've also been reading that she is beginning to run low on funds and her funders are abandoning her.

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John McCain praises Obama!

I lifted this from the Concord Monitor newspaper website. This should only help Obama in the primaries on Tuesday.

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