• Really you put so much stock on the concession speech? I'm surprised. It seems completely irrelevant.

    Also I take note that difference was very small and Obama was already out of the state and apparently "won" more delegates athough we are not even clear about that so I would ask what did he lose??? If we don't even know who the delegates will vote for even though we are told he got 13 and she got 12 but then thats not even clear what should he concede? And you think he lost more stature for this than she did for having surrogates challenge the entire caucus process??? Or Bill's crazy statements about him seeing people disenfranchised? What about the fact that Hillary never congratulated Obama after Iowa even though SHE DID ACTUALLY GIVE A SPEECH!!!!!!!!

    I think that after NH and Iowa you don't really have to deliver these concession speeches. Its more like the race goes on and what is there to say? "We lost".? Doesn't sound like much.

    I forgot where I was going  with this.. oh yes.

    Georgep you have a nice way of delivering digs at Obama; with peaches and cream I will grant you that. Lonneette, mollie bradford, susan hu and seymourglass: YOU COULD LEARN FROM THIS MAN!

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    I agree with Barack Obama 100%.

    Bill Clinton is not acting like an ex-president but more like a campaign surrogate. He is permanently attacking and distorting Obama's record. Its been sad to watch. I remind everyone that Obama is a democratic Senator representing the people of Illinois.

    I see no reason why Obama should not respond and to term a response as an "attack" is disingenous. Not to respond would be political suicide and the end of the "hope" which so many Obama detractors seem inordinately concerned about. Why don't you worry a bit more about what Hillary is doing and saying instead of this yap attack yap attack crap? It makes Hillary look very weak.

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    News flash: 50% of the country are not democrats. You do the math and try and figure it out.

    IF they vote for the republican the loser will be a democrat.

    Get it Mollie?

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    Sorry to read that Jgarcia.

    I hear what you're saying though.. You got a point.

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    Three way race???

    What are you talking about?

    Its seriously not worth even discussing things if you don't realize that 51-45-04 is in effect a TWO way race.

  • on a comment on No longer undecided over 6 years ago

    Right-o. The REPUBLICANS but not YOU! I mean YOU are not using it!

    Sure...wink wink.

    This is fearmongering you are exercising dpAndrews and its hopefully beneath you (maybe not?). I mean you are asking us to be scared to vote for someone and giving us reasons/allegations/spurious charges/mischaracterizations/slanderous statements so that we may be scared.

    I'd like a reason to vote for someone and I think I have found it in my main man Barack "the Rawk" Obama.

    The very republicans you say will use this stuff  are the ones who find a lot more appeal in Obama's message.. Sure you will tell us this is because they have some sort of conspiracy where all republicans/independents PRETEND they want Obama as the candidate cause he will be easier to defeat. But this is of course just plain poppycock.

    In any case I vote for what I believe in not for what you tell me Republicans will maliciously say about a candidate. Not that you would ever do that yourself..

    And pigs can fly.

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    Dude you hate Obama!!!! YOu have zero credibility to post this after all the negative diaries/posts you contribute. You are clearly a very biased observer so I'm not sure why you feel compelled to share still more of the same regurtitated attacks on a diary about why someone is voting FOR someone.

    Try finding something to vote/write FOR dpandrews! It feels good!

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    Thanks for your diary!

    I hear you about republicans/independents who will not vote for Hillary but would consider Obama.

    I agree with you very much on not wanting to go back to the 1990s. We need new leadership to move the country forward.

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    BURN HIM!!!!!!!! BURN HIM!

  • I think we are seeing the real dpAndrews.

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    Reality check: 51-45 is not winning BIG!

  • Most stupid diary I have seen today and thats saying a lot cause I know you guys work hard to come up with this science fiction.

    Sorry to say Hillary is going to have to earn her shot at the presidency.

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    I don't know why people on this board are so negative about Obama. He's running a great campaign.  He got 45% of the vote in Nevada and perhaps 13 delegates to Clinton's 12! Do I wish he'd been the one to get 51% ? Sure. But this thing ain't over by a long shot. The incredibly negative attack diaries we see on this site just serve to marginalize it because it ends up being completely devoid from reality. I mean when diarists post the kind of junk Seymour, SusanHu and Lonneette post do they not realize that they are in effect insulting the 45% of Nevada voters that actually voted for Obama? You're going to need those people and need them to be excited for Hillary if she wins...

  • I hear you and I respect your opinion but John Edwards at one point in Nevada was polling 20%. He lost a lot of his support the day of the voting.

    A lot of people who would like to vote for John Edwards think its "throwing their vote away." This is what happened in Nevada I believe.

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    Bottom line is both races are very fluid still. I understand we have to have "winners" but in terms of %'s the races are very tight and in terms of delegates they are pretty much deadlocked. People will say I write this because I support Obama but I would say the same thing if Obama had beat Hillary by 5-6 points. Would I prefer if Obama had won NEvada? Of course. But the race goes on. The real losers today were Thompson (done), Edwards (done), and Huckabee (not done but severely weakened. Giuliani I just don't understand; his strategy seems crazy to me! Does he really think he can get only 2% of the vote in South Carolina and go on to win this thing???? I take not Thompson will probably drop out and endorse McCain. As far as Edwards he may wish to go on to South Carolina to at least get double digits before he drops out. I can't see him making it to tsunami tuesday. And thats the view from here back to you Chris...


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