• The counter is wrong! Obama has 38 to Hillary 36. In fact he has doubled his lead after winning the delegates race in Nevada.

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    This may come as a shock to you but you don't HAVE to be a democrat to be a good american.

    Andrew Sullivan is a good American. He may have erred in the run up to the war much like Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and many others.

    Barack Obama, of course, did not and clearly spoke out against the rush to war. His words were proved prophetic. You can choose to ignore them but they are there on the record (local acess cable channel show). But we've had this debate so lets not do it again.

    Its asinine of you to come down so hard on Andrew Sullivan. Go read his blog. He's a reasonable and very intelligent fellow. And, honestly - you can choose to believe me or not- I've been reading his blog since 2003 and the guy is fairly reasonable. The fact that he also supports Obama is just the icing on the cake.

    Its a typical and rather weak tactic of mental masturbators that when they don't like what someone else says - or in this case posts something someone else sent him- they simply discredit him. Its been done since time immemoriam. But there's probably some truth there...

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    Nope. He is no right wing freak. I think you must not be familiar with his blog.

    He endorsed Kerry in 2004 and fighting for the rights of gay peoople is one of his causes.

    I doubt that qualified as a "right wing freak" although to Hillary supporters who live in the parallel universe it may.

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    The counter is off! The counter is off!

  • I agree but somebody wakes up every day, comes on here, and notices the counter makes no sense and writes a diary.

  • Dont be ridiculous. I live in DC. I don't even have a representative in Congress. I don't have a vote!!!!!!! TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!

    So don't tell me that I don't understand.

    I suggest you call the Florida state democratic party and ask them why they moved the date when the national party told them they'd be stripped.

  • Its spelled "bogus".

  • Do not insult me Boxer ok? Thats not the way it works here. We don't call each other names ok?

    You asked why and I told you. YOu dont seem to understand that the party - which includes you- makes the rules and then those that don't follow them are operating outside the rules and therefore the party takes actions. Now you'd have to take up with Howard Dean and ask him about it because I dont know anything about it. I was just pointing out that FLorida state democratic party disenfranchised itself by moving its date without the national party's authorization. Or should every state move its primary to whatever date they feel like it??? If that happeened the first primary would probably have been in 2005!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uhhhhhhh... I'm sure Hillary or Obama can tell you when they drop by your all important corridor but maybe because the reason is Florida disregarded the democratic party and moved the date of their primary? DId you hear about that or where you out of the country? What part of that don't you understand? Should there be no rules??? States should have primaries whenever they feel like it??? The party has no say in the process to select the party's candidate?

  • Yes that would be terrible. I think states should be able to have their primaries whenever they want. The Democratic party should have no control over the process to elect a democratic party representative for the general election. Also, ideally states would get to vote a couple of times. That would give people more of a say.

  • You're so right. Its utterly disrespectful of Obama to deal with the facts and realities of what happened instead of the possible scenarios you present! Thank you for contributing this diary.

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    More like raw meat for democrats who don't want Obama to be president!

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    Yeah whats up with that????

    Obama has in fact widened his lead as of yesterday- DOUBLED IT folks!

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    Oh so you were wrong?


  • The numbers changed. From Hillary being down up to 15 points in NH and further losses in the offing we saw her even things up. Now she won NH by 2.5 points and Nevada by 5-6 (although she may have lost in the delegate count). They are essentially very even. For either of them to drop out now would be absolutely nuts.

    Edwards on the other hand should have a man to man private conversation with Obama and see where he goes. Presumably he is in this race to advance an agenda and even if he loses he will still wish to advance certain ideas. On the other hand if its just an Edwards ego trip then maybe I'd rather he stay in and get slammed so he can burn out completely once and for all.


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