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    OH Obama dares Clinton to call him naive again. I think concensus is Clinton lost that whole exchange a few months ago.

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    Man Hillary's whole strategy is to seem as hawkish as she can. Its easy to tell, listening to her, that she's been told to use the words "strong" and "agressive" as often as possible. Meanwhile Obama tries to speak about the complex issues involving Iran but its difficult, certainly more difficult than just saying "strong" and "agressive" as often as possible. Hillary though pulls shit out of her ass- pardon my french. I mean doesn't she sound kind of like Bush's foreign policy team? Of course she does. And yes Biden terminology matters! "A rush to war.."???? WTF???

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    What a bunch of hooey! First of all you are reading irony where none exists but second of all one should not speak of attacking opponents as "fun" just as one would not compare politics to wars. Language does matter.

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    "Well now the fun part begins"?
    That is a pretty inappropriate thing to say..
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    I really respect Chuck Hagel. He was against the war when most democrats were still for it...He demonstrated a lot of political courage.

    But I guess if he was a Republican he must have been evil and democrats, regardless of how they vote, are all good.

  • You accuse others of sexism with respect to Hillary but frankly I find your post very sexist. If she were not a woman would you resort to talking about her makeup? "She looked great"? Thats the way sexist people talk about women.

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    Leadership? What leadership? Did she do anything leader-like?

    She basically ducked a few hours and waited for the mess to be resolved. Then she came out of her house and issued a statement. I'm not saying this wasn't the correct thing to do but it ain't leadership.

    Or are we to say Bush exercised leadership on 9-11 because he ran off for the day?

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    "buzz story"? I haven't heard of this anywhere other than here...

  • I agree with you. People always overlook judgment.

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    I think it would not be good for the United States to continually have a president drawn from two families.

    Are there really only two families that can provide us our president?

    Isn't that sort of the way things happen in banana republics with sham democracy?

    I think Hillary would be an incredibly better president than Bush but having said that it can't be denied that it sets a very poor precedent to have two families alternating power over potentially 36 years! I mean really!

    Likewise it can't be denied that its high time the United States have a female president.

    Personally I think the US is stuck in a rut. We have lost our mojo and we need a fresh start. Hillary does not provide that fresh start as her administration- judging by her current advisors/hangers-on- would look a somewhat like Bill Clinton's administration.

    Mature democracies do not continually recycle leadership but rather develop new leaders.

    I am in Texas write now spending the week with some very good americans. Solid. Military family. Hard working. Honest. The guy is disgusted with Bush whom he -like many- gave the benefit of the doubt to until a few years ago. He can't stand Hillary.

    Just saying we ought to try to bring this guy in rather than say "You're either with us or against us and we're offering you the exact same thing you didn't like before."

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    This is great news! Oprah campaigning for Barack Obama!

    I can't see how this could hurt Obama's chances in Iowa, or anywhere else for that matter.
    No one hates Oprah but plenty of people really like her.


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