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    Hillary will do anything to get elected. She will lie cheat and sell out anyone in her way.

    Clinton supporters like that about her.

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    It has ZERO to do with sexism and it is people who can't see that who are the sexist ones.

    Are we voting for Hillary or Bill or Hillary and Bill?

    Voters will want to know and you may dismiss Sullivan and insult him all you want but it will be an issue. I also take note how people focus on the one albeit more controversial line (bolded) while ignoring the rest of the piece. For all the talk about how Obama voters are low information voters- we saw this line of attack for months- it would seem it is the Clinton supporters who are low information. They won't read and if anyone says anything against the Clintons they are accused of being wholefoods shoppers or part of the political punditry.

    The constitution prohibits third terms and last time I checked we are not a banana republic.

  • If you're not helping the Clintons lie cheat and steal you don't have credibility!

    How can you be so blind??!?!

  • A pyrrhic loss for Hillary.

  • ALready we see the Clinton spinners. Poll outfit sucks! South Carolina doesn't matter cause there are black people there!

    I have no idea what will happen but South Carolina does matter. If Clinton wins Obama is toast. If Obama wins he's alive to fight another day. That simple.

  • NARAL trying to set the record straight on more Clinton lies and smears.

    You'd think Hillary would have some respect for NARAL and more importantly the fight for a woman's right to choose. But no, they will do anything. They will lie cheat and steal to try and get back to the White House. They will go after people that support a woman's right to choose.

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    WOW! Truth hurts folks doesn't it!

    The Clintons are being exposed for a bunch of liars.

    Its ok to admit it guys thats the first step! Recognize Hillary is lying and will say anything to get elected.

    You can admire her for it! You don't have to run from it!

    Be proud! Look forward to 8 more years of this crap! THAT will REALLY move the country forward!

  • But thats the point its not Joe Klein but pretty much anyone who is paying attention.

    Jonathan ALter has another piece along the same lines. I will post it in a bit.

    Sure laugh off the source but you're going to have to spend a lot of time laughing. At some point you ought to read what the charge is and think about it.

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    Also interesting how people commend the Clintons for doing anything to win. WE've seen them before on MyDD- the Hillary supporters en masse regurtitating "Thats why we need the Clintons! They understand we need to do anything to win!"

    Anything??? Its all so the end justifies the means isn't it? Its all about winning! The rest doesn't matter all that much. If we get the White House no matter what we do- no matter how much we lie or cheat or destroy other people- then it will all be worth it.

    Power corrupts folks and the Clintons are a prime example of that as they continue to act as if they are above everyone and anyone AND in some sense above the law. Do we think these people are going to do much for us?

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    Why are you always putting down Obama supporters?

    How come most of your posts are "Obama supporters are not doing their candidate any favor"??

    What we don't have  a right to post what we think???

    I find your attitude George very condescending. This site is mainly Hillary supporters bashing Obama and yet when an Obama supporter posts something he is dismissed for being an Obama supporter?

  • broader
  • Thesis?

    I think thats overstating it a tad.

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    Right, they took the picture with Rezko for no reason!

    This is the Clinton strategy for winning back the White House: bring Obama down to the gutter where we live and make him seem like us.

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    Aiko its really not worth arguing with these clowns.

  • on a comment on CLINTON MEMO: About Last Night over 6 years ago

    I could but why would i waste an hour of my time on a bunch of haters?

    Its just not constructive to spend time debating these points. Not to mention the defense of most of these points has already been made in previous diaries. Is there much new here? Have we not debated the present votes over and over again? Have we not discussed Rezco ad nauseum? His position on the war? We never talked about that???Of course we have. Looking at the least I could make compellling arguments or as you put it- a defense- for a number of them but let me do better and simply tell you to refresh your memory as you have already read the defense and if you don't like it you don't like it. So be it.

    But have I every said Obama is a perfect candidate? He NEVER made a  mistake??? Of course not. Its ludicrous to try to argue that because he may have made a mistake on an issue here, a vote there, an association- that this discredits him. It simply points to the fact that he is human and has made mistakes. It is the Clinton supporters who have permanently sought to place Obama in a context where any indiscretion means he is the same as she is.... Well he is not. You have to look at the totality of his experience and record and what he brings to the table in being able to rally people around his vision. We know what Hillary brings: a bitter democrat/republican divide which will not serve our interests well.

    Its disingenous of you to ask for an "Obama defense" six minutes after a diary is posted.


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