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    In a way its a bit sad how this whole election could potentially work out.   Coons wouldn't have stood a chance (most likely) against any other GOP contender besides the self-destructive O'Donnell.

    Its a sad day when admirable Senators like Russ Feingold are ousted as idiots like Sharron Angle are all but on their way to being sworn in.

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    sounds like wishful thinking for a couple of those.  i don't see Reid pulling through in NV

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    would bring some sort of positive enthusiasm to the Dems side.

    For West Virginia, its all about who goes out to vote today.  If likely, albeit unenthusiastic, Manchin supporters make it to the polls then the Dems should scrape by.  Early voting numbers here, however, are said to lean in favor of Republicans coming out more than Democrats.

     I still think WV voters will reject the plutocratic robber barron Raese and push Manchin in by a very small margin.  Internal polling shows Manchin with a little under 5 points ahead.  

    Can't disagree with the rest though, Angle (by some ungodly means) looks like she's going to pull out a victory in Nevada and Giannoullias looks to have too much baggage with his banking past to sway voters.


    The newest Rasmussen poll (taken yesterday, 11-01-10) has Obama at a +1 approval though, I found that to be pretty interesting given that its Rasmussen and its likely a GOP election day.


  • Its going to be an unfortunate mess regardless of what happens.  And I can't imagine them getting along well with McConnell, at least some of them.  The mindset of some tea partiers is to "Take america back" and be an individual in Congress.  They'll learn quickly thats not how things operate there.

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    and its worth mentioning that, according to most polls, both party's approval ratings are below 50% so the popularity game bears no fruit.

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    I've been a cradle Democrat, I guess you could say, but I realize that pride is something that shouldn't matter.  

    I think it was mentioned on meet the press yesterday that McConnell said the Republican's goals were to prevent Obama from getting re-elected.  Mentioning nothing about actual policy goals etc.  This discourse can be seen in the Democrats as well of course.  Its a bit sad when its more of a competition to see who is better/liked more than to actually make progress with the country.


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    I think Dems will keep the Senate with 52 seats (pretty generous).  I'm predicting Boxer to keep her seat, WA and WV to go Blue and Bennett to win by a hair.  Again I think its a pretty generous estimate for the Democrats.


    With Harry Reid out though, I believe that Meets Durbin becomes Majority Leader? That might not be so bad.



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    Her approval numbers in AK are apparently dismal

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    Manchin will most likely pull through in WV, if he doesn't do anything to royally screw things up.


    I don't see Harry Reid pulling through in NV, and Giannoulias seems to be slipping down the polls

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    WV should go blue (and by that I man purple because manchin is half blue, half red at this point).

    Raese is bringing in Ted Nugent in a last ditch effort, sadly it may help him in this state.

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    West Virginia will most likely go Democat.  Internal polling with Manchin shows him up by 5-6 points.  The newest PPP poll has Manchin at a 6 point lead.  Raese doesn't appeal to anybody but the Tea Party/GOP Base and the voters that absolutely despise the Democratic Party right now.

    The key for Manchin is actually getting people out to vote who are potential Manchin supporters.  The early voting numbers are said to favor Republicans here in WV so GOTV is the key for Manchin in the coming week.  His distancing from cap and trade and Obama, and lack of support for the HCR bill are pushing his numbers up.

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    I thought this was interesting, it makes the whole thing visual.




  • Nobody seems to care that there is a mosque 4 blocks away from ground-zero.  Two blocks however is a travesty.  

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    aren't willing to get their hands dirty and throw a few punches.  The Republicans have proven that they can mobilize their base, however misguided the reasons they use to mobilize them, and convince them that the way to solve the problems in Washington is to vote Republican this November.

    The Republican Party, to me, also seems more homogenous than the Democratic Party.  Hardly do you ever hear of any Liberal Republicans, and you can hardly watch the news without the mentioning of conservadems or Blue Dogs.  The GOP isolates their support and targets them.  

    Clearly the Republicans have an easier time pointing out the flaws of the Democratic Administration, than the Democrats do of highlighting the good parts of it.  

    The dwindling support of the Independent voters is what will end up really hurting the Democrats this November, and come 2012 if those numbers don't improve.  Dems can't bank of the self-destructiveness of some Teaparty candidates to improve their chances, they need to grow a pair and follow through on some of their promises (and not half ass them).

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    As Bill Maher puts it, they have a notoriously bad habit of "half-assing" things. (The Democrats that is)


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