Why is the Subject Always About Who Won?

First, it started with the healthcare summit President Obama held earlier this year.  Polls were out on Politico and other news/media sources asking viewers and readers who won.  Who won the summit debate?  Why is the subject even about who won?  The summit, in its intentions, was supposed to be reaching an agreement on healthcare and trying to reach some sort of bi-partisan agreement.  Whether or not it did is irrelevant to this post.  

**EDIT: I should make the note that it didn't "First" start with the summit, however, thats just when I started noticing this issue.

Now, on MSNBC, there is a discussion of who "wins" in the healthcare reform battle.  Some may argue that Obama and Pelosi won with their constant advocation and willingness to not give up on healthcare reform.  Others may argue that it is the Republican base who are the winners, because their party is almost unanimously united against the legislation (or most of it at least).  The party's current union is undoubtedly strong, but this isn't the point.

Healthcare reform isn't about winning.  President Obama doesn't keep
W-L columns for all of his agenda items (i hope), so why is there so much discussion over who won?  Democrats, Republicans; Liberals, Conservatives.  The fact of the matter is that, the winners should be the American people

I know it sounds rather cliche and cheesy to say, but its the truth.  We shouldn't be cheering for the Democrats to win, or the Republicans to lose.... should be cheering and hoping that the healthcare reform betters the American population.  If the American people aren't the winners, who is?  Now I know the argument is going to be made that, for the American people to win then Democrats must win or vice-versa.  This, although sometimes may seem true, exacerbates the partisan divide.

The bitter lines that are drawn between Democrats and Republicans in Congress are only made worse by using terms such as "winners" and "losers."  The air in Washington is already filled with enough anger and disagreement, this only adds gasoline to the fire.  Petty bickering has become a problem throughout this debate for certain.   

Although in concept, wanting the Democrats to win makes sense. It especially makes sense if you are pro-healthcare reform and wanted the bill to pass.  Unfortunately rhetoric plays a big part in American politics, and this debate is certainly no exception.  Although sometimes it may make sense to, the discussion shouldn't be about who won.  Rather, the discussion should be about how this will effect the United States and the American people. 




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