Read The Bill!

I cannot count how many times I've been on Facebook (yes facebook unfortunately) and seen people just now crawling out of the woodwork to give their opinion (mostly in opposition) of the current Healthcare Legislation.  It is frustrating, especially to a person who has been following this debate for almost a year to see people using the same talking points from Republican (and Democratic) sources that they picked up by watching less than 5 minutes of real news

People who decide to poke their head in and give their two cents are fine but they at least need to know whats in the bill.  I have asked several of them, to which 100% of the people I've asked have not even looked at the bill.  

My advise:  Read the bill.  It helps to know what you are arguing about if you have actually read the bill.  Its difficult to Read H.R. 3590 in full text for anyone who has a reasonably busy life so try to find an abridged version or summary of it.  Govtrack has a summary that is significantly smaller and helps the normal folk like me understand the bill

Don't rely on talking points, read the bill yourself to find out whats in it.



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